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The L Word: Season Two, Episode Six

Lágrimas de Oro


Pics of Bette, Tina & Helena The L Word
James Dittiger/Showtime

L Word Recap, Season 2, Episode 6

Lágrimas de Oro

Kit & Benjamin

Here’s a surprise, Kit and Benjamin, the TOE guy are out on a date. Well, not a real date, see he has a family and he’s just lonely on the road. Kit understands. She’s been there too. But then it’s time to say goodbye. Benjamin lunges in for a kiss. Kit kisses back, but I don’t see the chemistry. Not like with Ivan.

Tina & Alice

Tina is moving into her new apartment and Alice is offering a helping hand. Where did they get those clashing flowered jumpers? As the two practice air guitar to Pat Benetar, Helena Peabody walks in. Anybody notice how much she resembles Bette? She just stopped by to drop off some paperwork. What, Helena Peabody can’t afford a courier service? I’m suspicious. So is Alice. She wants to know if Tina and Helena are sleeping together. No, Tina says, leaving out the “not yet.”

Dana & Alice

Dana and Alice hook up for breakfast. Well, not that kind of hook up. Actually Dana wants Alice to take her home, but Alice is having none of that. She wants Dana to break it off with Tonya first. Alice is not about to be a backdoor woman. But Dana can’t leave Tonya, not yet. Tomorrow is the big celebrity tennis tournament that Tonya organized. Dana promises to break it off after that.

Bette & Tina

Bette drops by unannounced at Tina’s new apartment. Helena got a much warmer welcome. “I wish you would have called first,” she says. But Bette wants to talk and Tina does not want to listen. Bette wants to know how Tina could have kept her pregnancy from her. Uh, Bette, it’s kind of easy to keep things from you when you close your eyes and hum, “La, la, la, I can’t hear you…” But Bette really stopped by to say she wants to be part of the baby’s life. And Tina’s too. Right now, Tina has her eyes closed and is humming, “La, la, la, Helena Peabody is hot.”

Carmen & Shane

Carmen and Shane are flirting like mad, spilling beer and licking it off each other’s bodies. Jenny walks in to warn them Mark is filming the girls. A bunch of hot dykes are in the living room and Mark is asking them important questions, like would they make out with a man for a million dollars. It’s all for research, of course. Remind me why they thought having this guy move in was a good idea. Shane gets cozy with one of the girls and Carmen grabs Jenny to go on a beer run.

Shane & the Delivery Girl

A girl named Betty shows up with flowers for Shane. Betty? I hope she doesn’t break out into the theme song. No, she’s just the delivery girl. But Shane is so hot, how can she resist? Next thing you know, they’re on the couch. Yes, Mark had something to do with this. When Gomie complains that he’s focusing on her face, Mark says she wants to capture how Shane is feeling. Oh, you’re so sensitive Mark, you slimy little worm.

Jenny & Charlotte

Jenny visits writing teacher Charlotte at the gym. She’s giving Jenny writing advice. At the gym? Well, I guess it has been a while since I’ve been in college. Anyway, she tells Jenny not to talk for a whole day and write about her experience. Good move, Charlotte. Just in time for Jenny’s date with Carmen. With nothing to say to each other, they have not option but to kiss. Carmen is hot, but I’m not feeling it. Are you?

The Tennis Tournament

Alice and Shane hike it down to La Jolla for Dana’s big celebrity tennis tournament. Plus to try to sneak in a bit of nookie and get Dana to break it off with Tonya. I can’t believe they didn’t drag this one out longer. Dana actually breaks it off with Tonya. And we expect Tonya to freak out, but she doesn’t. Because she found someone more famous than Dana Fairbanks. She found Melissa Rivers. Dana stares slack-jawed as Tonya and Melissa leave, presumably so Tonya can go meet her even more famous mother, Joan.

Tina & Helena

Tina and Helena are at the Peabody Awards dinner. Helena leaves the table and calls Tina on her cell phone. She wants Tina to meet her by the pool. What is it about pregnancy that makes Tina so desirable? Remember what I said about Tina not sleeping with Helena yet. Strike the yet.

Alice & Dana & Shane

So now Alice & Dana are free to be together, why aren’t they all over each other? And why is Shane laughing in the back seat? For these answers and more, tune in next week.

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