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The L Word Season Three – Episode 8- Recap



The L Word Season Three – Episode 8- Recap

Alice and Shane

Photo: Liane Hentscher/Showtime
  • Guest Stars: Alexandra Hedison, Nona Hendryx, the Betty Girls and Cynthia Stevenson
  • Music by ezgirl

Los Angeles - About 7 and a half months ago

Episode 8 begins with the Dana/Alice break up. At long last, somewhat explained. It’s so clear how much these two deeply care about and love one another. That kind of transcendent love, beyond limits or labels—are they friends? Are they lovers? It doesn’t matter the defining. Their story, Dana’s illness, is going to be tear jerking. Please pass the tissues!

Get out of my bed!

Bette tells Tina to get out of “her” bed and sends Mama T packing to the guest room. It’s evident these two are near over and frankly, just end it now. Ilene and company are setting up the—drum roll please—“Lesbian Custody Battle.” Who will get Baby A? Melodrama for Season 4? I’m still going with the Tina’s evil twin story line because I’m finding it increasingly hard to believe that a character can undergo such a drastic change in personality over the course of six or seven months…Oh wait, but then there’s Helena who also has undergone a fictional lobotomy. Hmmm. Creative license? Viewer leap of faith? Will Bette the Buddhist become like Shane? Shane, like Tonya? Carmen, like Tim? Is this all one of Jenny’s perverse memoir dreams? At least, thank goodness for little things, there are no more references to the Carnival.

Max, the Manly Man

Hormonal temper, masculine swagger, rubber penis and all. We get to see Max whip it out in the men’s room. A full frontal of fabrication. (Um, eww.) Jenny thinks it’s time to mark the death of Moira, celebrate the life of Max. She begins planning a party to raise necessary funds for the operations that will complete the transition.

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