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L Word Recap: Season 3 Number 7 pg 2



L Word Recap: Season 3 Number 7 pg 2

Alice, Dana, Shane

Photo: Jaimie Trueblood/Showtime

Tea, anyone?

Tina, Helena and Dylan visit Kit in the recording studio. Bring on the sexy heat between Dylan and Helena. They can’t seem to keep their hands off each other and that’s a good thing. At one point, the two excuse themselves to get some “tea”. Dylan asks Tina if she wants any. Her response, eye roll included, “Oh, I’ve had tea.” (So funny.) A question for Tina – any chance you’re going to start enjoying tea again? Research shows it’s good for you. I pinky swear. After fondling each other in the recording studio bathroom, Dylan asks Helena to take her home. And does she ever! Wow!! Let the good times roll. I find myself admiring Elle DeGeneres more and more. What a lucky woman she is and has been, between Alexandra Hedison and Portia de Rossi. Did Ellen ever sleep? Let’s just say, Alex has breasts. Nice breasts. Really, really nice. Shall we watch those scenes again?!

Dana’s a Super Star

Dana’s hair begins to fall out and Alice comes to the rescue by purchasing a number of wigs. When the wigs fail, they seek out Shane, who lovingly shaves Dana’s head. It’s a tender scene and one emblematic of the show’s strengths—the depiction of women caring for and loving other women, their commitment and loyalty to one another, through life’s most difficult and most joyous occasions.

Towards the end of the episode, Helena surprises Dana by whisking her and the others away on the Peabody jet to a mock WBNA game. There, Dana receives a standing ovation from an adoring crowd. She is stunned with gratitude and the realization that she is not alone.

Other Blah Blah

Working on her comeback compilation, Kit partners with Nona Hendryx and the Betty Girls to sing about “Transformations” and I feel I’ve gone back in time. Flashback to the glam funk ‘70s, early ‘80s. Suddenly, I want to wear pastels, sequined bell-bottoms, even chunky high-heeled zipper boots. I want to twirl my bad hair and be groovy. Boy, those were the days. Speaking of nightmares, Carmen has one about Cherie Jaffe and is determined to punish Shane. Ah, the doghouse. What fun! Other thrills include watching Mangus tantrum and declare his love for menopausal Kit.

Best and Worst

The Best of Episode 8: the triumvirate of Dana, Alice, and Shane, how adorable are their comic antics, the actresses’ obvious joy in working and playing together.

The Worst: I can’t get that frickin’ “Transformations” song out of my head. This episode felt a bit like the poster child or music video for Nona Hendryx and Betty. Reminded me of the Gloria Steinem monologue from last season’s finale. Don’t waste our time! If we want to buy the soundtrack, we will. If we want to buy Ms Magazine, we will. That’s all I’m saying.

Your L Word Homework

The L Word girls seem to have a hard time comprehending the Moira to Max transition, with the exception of Jenny and perhaps, Shane. They continue to use Moira’s name and female pronoun. This prompted a discussion among my friends. Why this difficulty? Especially, given where they live in West L.A., a liberal haven. When asked these questions, two of my friends uttered, without thought, “A List Lesbians.” “The L Word girls are A List Lesbians.” They are privileged and beautiful and often narrow in their comprehension of other classes, other ways of being gay. Do you agree or disagree? Your homework: define A List Lesbian. For that matter, go ahead and define B and C List Lesbians. What do the terms mean to you? Reflect and discuss amongst yourselves.

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