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The Return of The L Word

Season 4 Preview


The L Word Season 4 Promo

The L Word Season 4 Promo

TV’s greatest lesbian drama, The L Word returns for the fourth season on January 7th, 2006. According to Showtime writers and producers, season four of the The L Word is the best and most dramatic yet.

Four new Cast members

Cybill Shepherd plays Phyllis, Bette’s new boss who is coming out as a lesbian after a heterosexual marriage.

Janina Gavankar plays Papi, a lesbian lady killer who gives Shane a run for her money.

Marlee Matlin plays Jodi, a deaf artist and love interest of Bette’s

Rose Rollins plays Tasha, an Iraq war veteran who catches Alice’s eye.

Also appearing on is out actress Kristanna Loken who catches Shane’s eye at a PTA meeting. Shane at a PTA meeting? I’m intrigued.

What about Carmen? Rumor has it she'll return for an episode or two, but that she's no longer on the cast. Can Season 1 hottie Karina Lombard make up for Carmen's absence? Marina returns to rock (or is it haunt?) Jenny's world. Can't wait for that!

The L Word Cast of Characters

So what are the issues and dramas of the returning cast members?

Shane has left Carmen at the altar. Will she return to her womanizing ways? Or will she return to Cherie Jaffe?

Bette took off with baby Angelica. Will she now lose custody of the baby that she has no biological ties to?

Tina has been hanging out with that milquetoast daddy figure. Will they settle down and start a family?

Jenny is on the brink of fame with the release of her novel. What happens when a Curve reviewer is not so excited about her book?

Max is well on his way to becoming a man, but will her ever be a gentleman?

Alice is still distraught about Dana’s death (duh!) and she throws her passion into opposing the Iraq war.

Helena has been cut off financially. How will she survive?

Kit is dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Will she keep it or have an abortion?

More Drama, More Sex in Season 4

Since the first three seasons have been so successful, I expect we’ll see more of the same in Season 4 of The L Word. More drama. Dealing with uniquely lesbian issues, such as gay marriage and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Leisha Hailey says, “Even though there are serious dramatic moments, the series continues its mission to deliver stories in an entertaining way. I feel this season is a lot lighter--it’s more like Season 1.”

The L Word creator Ilene Chaiken says this season they’ve slightly notched up the melodrama, while trying to keep it real. But she promises to keep a sense of humor and show “happy lesbians” at least some of the time.

Where did we leave off in Season 3? Read L Word Season 3 recaps to refresh yourself before you tune in to Season 4 on Sunday January 7th at 10pm.

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