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L Word Season 4 Recaps and Discussions

The L Word Season 4


L Word Season 4 Cast

L Word Season 4 Cast

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The fourth season of The L Word is well underway. Don't miss out on any of the action. Here are my recaps, rants and opinions on the 4th L Word season. See what I have to say about my favorite lesbian drama and add your two-cents in.

The L Word 401: Legend in the Making

You asked for it, you got it. Marina (Karina Lombard) returned to The L Word. What do you think? Was the wait worth it? She looked pretty good, I do say. But what was up with that whole threesome thing... read more...

The L Word 402: Livin' La Via Loca

Someone told me they thought the fourth season of The L Word was suffering from lesbian bed death. Well, if that’s true, we found the cure. Hello Papi. Alice just loved Papi and those circles. Helena too, but with such a promiscuous woman, don’t you think Alice would have brought up safe sex? How dare The L Word ignore lesbian safe sex...read more...

The L Word 403: Lassoed

I finally figured out what I don’t like about that new TA of Bette’s. She’s exactly the same person as Tonya. Remember, the Ton, Ton from Season 2? The one who screwed Dana over and killed Mr. Piddles. No good is going to come from this Bette. Keep away from Nadia! Do I see sexual harassment suit in the future? But let’s talk about Shane, shall we? read more...

The L Word 404: Layup

Who saw Sunday’s episode of The L Word? How about Alice in bed with Phyllis? Those of you complaining there’s not enough sex this season, just need to tune in and watch Alice take Joyce to lesbian sex school. I wish my first had been as enthusiastic as Alice. read more...

The L Word 405: "Lez Girls"

This episode of The L Word begins with Max in front of a mirror. He's in his underwear and we see that he has a bulge there. Is he dreaming? No, it's only his "packy," a silicone penis and balls that many trans men wear. Max is then left standing there, naked, looking at his female body. It's a nice body, but one that I'm sure causes him great distress. Especially after being dumped last week by his girlfriend. Max is freaking out...read more...

The L Word 406: Luck Be a Lady

Shane in her underwear holding her tiny breasts is very popular with men and women alike. As if Shane wasn’t popular enough, now modeling men’s underwear has launched her into super model status.

But let’s back up a minute and talk about the production of this show, which I must add was both written and directed by amazing director and out lesbian Angela Robinson.. read more...

The L Word 407: Lesson Number one

Phyllis is having a crisis. She hasn’t gotten over Alice yet and just can’t imagine life without her. Phyllis, there’s many a lesbian out here in the real world who can relate to you. If we had delicious Alice for just one night, I’m sure we’d have a hard time getting over her too. But Bette and Jodi --fresh from Bette’s bed-- rush over to comfort Phyllis. Your first love is always the hardest to get over, they insist. And Jodi insists she can’t love just one woman. Bette’s not pleased to hear this at all. In the meantime, Tasha is having Iraq flashbacks...read more...

L Word 408: Lexington and Concord

Episode 408 begins with another Jenny dream sequence. We thought we left all those behind in Season 3. It seems her guilt about using poor Sounder is catching up with her and is causing nightmares...And how about Helena scoring big at the card tables and scoring big with Catherine after...Tina is coming around again. She looks kinda hot too...read more...

The L Word 409: Lacy Lilting Lyrics

So, it’s the return of Marina again. She’s performing with her dance troupe. It’s like synchronized swimming without the water. Very strange. And what does this have to do with any of the story lines? Well, it turns out Jenny is on the search for a producer for her movie adaptation of “Lez Girls.” Jenny originally thought a musical would be fun. Really, a musical? Jeezus Jenny, what a way to ruin a potentially great film. But as I said last week, Jenny is a wacknut, so of course she would think “musical.”..read more...

The L Word 410: Little Boy Blue

The episode starts out with a great fight scene between Jodi and the woman she dumped to be with Bette. The girl shows up at the college and they have an amazing sign language fight. Bette is standing right there, but clearly, it’s way too fast. She can’t understand what they’re saying. It starts to sink in that the communication barrier between them might be too great to overcome. But the issues run deeper than that…read more...

The L Word 411: Literary License to Kill

A friend of mine has a saying. "Every woman is at least bi after a bottle of wine." But not Kit. The girl is straight, even if she has been boozing...But Kit isn’t the only one with problems. First Tasha is having flashbacks about Iraq and then she’s been called into her commanding officer’s office...Then there’s Max. I’m beginning to like this guy more and more. After getting totally dissed by his co-workers, taken off a project for going to his mother’s funeral, he decides to quit. ...read more...

The L Word 412: Long Time Coming

It's the season finale of The L Word and Bette has 17 reasons to chase Jodi, Alice is haunted by a ghost from the past, Tina wants Bette back and Jenny has really gone off the deep end... ...read more...
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