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L Word Season 6 Preview -

L Word Sesaon 6 Preview - No Spoilers


L Word Cast in the setting sun

L Word Cast in the setting sun

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Sex, drama, intrigue, lies, deceit, car chases, affairs. And now someone is going to die. Don’t be late because it’s going to happen in the opening scene. The sixth and final season of The L Word premiers on Sunday January 18th, 2009 on Showtime and one of the main characters is dead. It will take the whole season to learn who killed her.

For five years, the drama created by Ilene Chaiken has propelled lesbian visibility and drama into homes across America and the world. There’s one final chapter to be played out.

Some lesbians love the show, others love to hate it. Either way, they tuned in, created fan sites, devoured magazine articles and flocked to events where the stars made appearances. They gathered around the TV Sunday nights to critique, criticize, laugh, and lust after the fictional lesbians thrust into their living rooms each week. They complained that the depiction of lesbians was not accurate, that there was too much infidelity, not enough butches, too much sex or not enough sex. Among lesbians, The L Word has taken on a life of its own and it’s forever changed the way we will be viewed on television.

Season 6 L Word Preview

Season 6 of The L Word starts with the death and then jumps back in time. The bulk of the eight-episode season will be spent establishing motives for the murder of a primary cast member. Long time fans may be sad, but they will not be disappointed. Many characters from past seasons will return this year: Papi (Janina Gavankar), Gabby (Guinevere Turner), and Dylan (Alexandra Hedison) all reappear. Some to wreak havoc, others provide comic relief. Xena fans will salivate over Lucy Lawless, playing the detective in the murder investigation.

Bette and Tina, whose long-term relationship was rekindled at the end of last season after a split look into adding another child to their family this year. Kit and Helena go into business together and Helena is unraveled by the return of an old flame. A romance develops between two regulars and that sets everyone’s heads spinning. And ripped straight out of the headlines, you’ll see story lines very similar those of pregnant man Thomas Beatie and murdered teen Lawrence King.

But most of all there’s the beautiful women. And that’s what we will miss the most when The L Word goes off the air.

For a recap of where each of the characters are for this season, check out The L Word Season 6 Photo Gallery.

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