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Girl Bar Los Angeles

Lipstick Lesbian Paradise


Pic of Girl Bar in Los Angeles
Kathy Belge
Girl Bar Lipstick Lesbian Paradise

If you’re going to be in Los Angeles, a trip to Girl Bar in LA is a must. Sandy Sachs and Robin Gans have run the world-famous lesbian bar since 1990. Sandy and Robin are the original Lipstick Lesbians and appeared on numerous talk shows in the 90s. Although Girl Bar is definitely home to the beautiful ladies and lipstick lesbians, I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few butches (certainly more than on The L Word) and regular looking dykes.

Bring out your best duds and you won’t feel out of place at Girl Bar. Heels and pumps are standard, but certainly plenty of women show up in jeans and chunky shoes. Go online and sign up on the guest list to get in for free before 10:30 pm. After 10:30 admission is $5.00 for women, but for your male friends it’s $20.

Girl Bar connects to POPStarZ bar, a very happening and popular gay men’s bar that brings in acts like Tiffany and other one-hit wonders.

The LA women are friendly. When I introduced myself as a writer, I got VIP treatment, a tour of both bars and even a comp drink. Beautiful, sexy go-go dancers work their moves on four platforms.

The DJs, Kathy, Sandy and Heather spin a great mix of pop, house, disco, funk and hip hop. Dancing is the thing to do at Girl Bar. In fact, we hardly left the dance floor. Although the crowd doesn’t pick up until 11:30 or 12, the bar closes at 2am.

Girl Bar is located at Ultra Suede each Friday night. 661 Robertson Blvd. West Hollywood, California, (310) 659-4551

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