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What's it Like on an Olivia Vacation?

Lesbian Travel and Vacation


Jamie on an Olivia Vacation

Jamie (dark hair) on Olivia Vacation

Courtsey of Olivia: www.olivia.com

When lesbians go on vacation one of the things we want is a place where we can feel free to be ourselves. We want to go interesting places, see new sights, have new adventures, and most of all, feel comfortable being out and proud. For more than 14 years, Olivia has been offering lesbians these kinds of travel opportunities.

It started with an all-female cruise and now women can experience deluxe Caribbean vacations, hiking tours and family-friendly vacations. I have not been on an Olivia vacation, but I wanted to learn first hand from a guest what the experience was like.

Jamie Sypniewicz , a firefighter from Las Vegas has gone on an Olivia vacation and she took some time out to tell me about the experience.

Great for Singles

Jamie went on the Olivia trip with her girlfriend at the time, but says that Olivia is a great place for singles too. She says there were many single women on the trip but most were in couples. Singles wore a different color wrist band so others knew they were single. They also had a separate dinning room where the singles could mingle and meet other single women. It appeared that the "singles" had a great time as well and many returned home with new friends.

Jamie’s Olivia Vacation

I was attracted to the all female resort style vacation. I was searching for a vacation where my girlfriend and I could feel comfortable and relaxed. I was looking for a place that we could vacation with other women and enjoy ourselves.........completely. The trip that we went on was the Mexico/Cancun Comedy extravaganza. The all-inclusive resort was such and incredible incentive. The food was phenomenal. The unlimited beverages were a plus too. During the meals in the restaurant, Olivia posted signs in different rooms for different regions of the states, so we were able to meet people from nearby surrounding cities.

The rooms were very nice with either ocean front or garden view which overlooked an incredible tropical garden.

Nightly Entertainment by and for Lesbians

The entertainment was great with comedians like Suzanne Westenhoefer, Vickie Shaw, and Karen Williams. Then there was mesmerizing music by Suede and many more. The performers were all very personable and eager to talk and interact with all of us. It was nice to lay by the pool and look over to see Suzanne laying next to you with her girlfriend.

A Typical Day

The trip was a week in length. A day at the resort consisted of getting up in the morning to a beautiful sunrise, breakfast overlooking the ocean, then a workout in the gym or an aerobics class. Then it was off to the pool, ocean, or excursions for the day. They offered many excursions including scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing, and much, much more. There were shopping tours or you could jump on a trip to visit the ruins. Then in the evening we were able to have a nice romantic dinner at sunset or join the rest of the fun-seeking women in the disco. Each evening they had nightly entertainment including karaoke, talent show, and the Newlywed/Oldywed show.

Being Out and Open

The best part about the trip was the fact that we could be open in public with our affections. It was so nice to be at ease. For once we didn't have to hide who we were. Also meeting new friends and interacting with other women with our same interests was great. We met some really interesting women.

Advice if Considering an Olivia Vacation

The advice I would give someone who is considering an Olivia trip is "Go, you won't be disappointed." The trip might cost a bit more than others but it is far worth it.

Anyone and everyone would enjoy an Olivia vacation. The vacations cater to all different personalities and people with different interests. There was beautiful private beaches were you could go and get away from the group or you could take part in the evening disco foam party. They even had a beautiful commitment ceremony at sunset on the beach.

Olivia Staff

The Olivia staff is amazing. They were so helpful throughout the whole process. It was great to met them all and I have actually kept in contact with a few of them. They were extremely organized and were able to smoothly accommodate a large group of women. It was great because the staff and Judy Dlugacz (president & founder) herself would mingle and even join you for a meal or drink.

Nothing Compares to Olivia

I have been on many cruises and vacationed in all inclusive places such as Cabo and Jamaica and nothing compares to Olivia. My expectations were not only met but Olivia exceeded my vacation prospects.

This was my first trip with Olivia and I plan to vacation again with them in November for the Sportacular Playa Del Carmen, Mexican resort vacation.

To sum up Olivia in one word...........Stellar!!!

For more about Olivia, check out their Website: Olivia.com

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