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Retts Returns to Michigan

Former Stage Manager Returns to the Day Stage 11 Years later


Retts Returns to Michigan

Night Stage at Michigan

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The Day Stage is Moved

Anyway, there it was, but in the wrong place. The Day Stage had shifted so it was no longer facing the crafts area. It had a yellow tent and a blue backdrop. Also a fence kept you from seeing back stage area. I couldn't spot Licia, the stage manager I knew from DC. I didn’t like the changes. When I was stage manager, I liked that women could see me from the audience and I could see them. I liked the back of the tent showing where now there was a blue backdrop. Gone were the flowers painted a long time ago by Suzanne Bellamy an Aussie artist.

All the names of the people I used to work with were slowly coming back to me. Workers continued to come over to me, and that made me feel good. Lisa Vogel the producer of the festival came over to welcome me back.

What I did feel finally was a sense of accomplishment. I had been a part of this stage and the building of a festival, and it was still here. I had helped in my way to make it what it was. I was starting to feel like all the work I had done, all the lessons I learned here on this very spot mattered. All the work every worker did mattered. The day stage was still there and I felt relief and happiness for I had been a big part of it. Life goes on, but my mark had stood the test of time. I sat back and watched Bitch onstage. I was comfortable listening to the music and being part of 31st Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.

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