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Where to Meet Lesbians in Denver



HipChicksOut in Denver

HipChicksOut in Denver

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Updated December 04, 2012
Where can you meet other lesbians in Denver, Colorado? Want to hang out with lesbians in a setting that’s a little different from the lesbian bar? HipChicksOut is a lesbian social organization that brings lesbians together in swank martini bars, at special dance parties, karaoke nights and other spots around Denver. I spoke with Silke Reuthlinger who started HipChicksOut.

Lesbian Life: I love the idea of HipChicksOut. It’s a social organization for lesbians in Denver. And you’re the founder. Tell me a bit about why you started HipChicksOut.

Silke Reuthlinger: HipChicksOut came to me when in Denver the part of town called LoDo (Lower Downtown) was developed. Denver had only two women's bars and they were more like typical watering holes with pool tables, which are fun too - don't get me wrong, but when some of my friends would go to LoDo and would talk about these really cool new lounges and swanky places. I thought, I want to go and check it out but I wanted to do it as a group... with the ladies. How cool would it be to bring the lesbians to the swanky lounges? There you go. The first HipChicksOut was at swanky place called Swimclub and 30 lesbians took over the establishment.

What have been some of your most popular events?

People have loved when we would do HipChicksOut Happy Hours guerrilla-style and would surprise a mostly straight venue on a typical Ladies' night, when 50 - 100 Lesbians would show up unannounced. The look on their faces was priceless but we were always welcome. Another popular event is the annual HipChicksOut Kickball Tournament. We have even taken that event to San Diego.

How many women are members of Hip Chicks and how many come to a typical event?

HipChicksOut currently has a once a month Happy Hour in Denver at a really nice place called the Livingroom. On an average we mingle with 350-450 women. Over 3,000 Women subscribe to the HipChicksOut.com E-List. We have almost 1500 Facebook fans and over 1600 HipChicksOut Facebook Group Members.

Are your events strictly social, or do you ever do fundraisers for charities?

We do focus on the social aspect and connecting people but always give back when we charge a cover or for bigger events. We have sponsored NCLR events and also have given back to several local charities like Colorado's GLBT Center and Colorado Anti-Violence Project.

HipChicksOut 2nd Friday happy Hour is our most famous event. The atmosphere is laid back and we want people to mingle and chat with new and familiar faces. To break the ice, we always have HipChicksOut hosts to help out when somebody is on the shy side and we help connect them. BANG New Years Eve party is coming up which is in conjunction with the other local women's group called Babes Around Denver. Together we throw a rockin' NYE party at a lesbian bar called Eden.

Is Denver a good place for lesbians to live? Why or why not?

Denver is a great place for lesbians... especially if you like the outdoors. Colorado people are laid back and I feel are real.

Are HipChicks events a good place to meet other lesbians for dating? Do you ever have events just for single lesbians?

We don't have events for just single lesbians. We don't want to "single" people out. We believe, if it happens it will happen naturally. There are a lot of couples as a result from HipChicksOut Events. There are some who have gotten married, are in long-term relationships but sometimes it is not a love connection but in the end HipChicksOut is a great way to meet people and maybe more if the stars are aligned. We just recently added a monthly Karaoke night, which is another place to meet people in a very laid back environment that is focuse to just have fun.

Where are some good places in Denver to meet other lesbians?

Other great ways are Babes Around Denver's First Friday Dance Party for women. Every first Friday over 2000 lesbians come out for the biggest monthly lesbian dance party in the nation. Who would have thought... Denver? It's fun though. It starts with country music and then goes in to the 70's, 80's all the way to top 40 and some hip hop.

Where can women find out more about what’s going on in Denver for lesbians?

The HIpChicksOut.com e-newsletter comes out once a week and promotes other events too, like concerts, parties and fundraisers in the lgbt community.
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