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Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend 2013


Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend 2013
Photo Credit: Club Skirts

What's the Scene?:

Palm Springs is the place to be this April as Dinah Shore weekend celebrates its 23nd year of the hottest lesbian party on the planet. Hot, hot, hot ladies clad in nothing more than bikini tops and board shorts. Yet again, this is a star-studded Dinah Shore event. The line up is incredible! Kiyomi Mc Closkey, Havana Brown, Fortune Feimster, Jackie Loeb, Karmin, Diana King, Kat Graham, Anjulie and Uh Huh Her. And that's just naming a few.

Who Should Go?:

The Club Skirts Dinah Shore weekend party is for celebrity watchers and uber-chic lesbians. This is the largest of all the Dinah Shore parties, so if you want to be in on ALL of the hot girly action, this is your scene. Start working on your tan and your abs and you'll get noticed at the pool parties. Like the promo say, "Party like a rockstar...or just with one."

Who this is NOT for..:

If you don't like crowds or being surrounded by thousands of hot lesbians in a sunshine paradise, then you should probably stay home and sit through another snow storm. Also, all Dinah events are 21 and older, so if you're not old enough, start saving your money for your 21st.

Where/ When?:

April 3-7, 2013 Palm Springs California. The Hilton Hotel, The Zoso Hotel and the Palm Springs Convention Center.

How much is this going to cost me?:

VIP passes are $500. Platinum Festival Pass is $229. Individual events range from $25 (comedy) to $80 (White Party).

Before you go...:

Work on that tan and get a new white outfit.

Tell me More!:

To register check out the Club Skirts Website.
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