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The Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend 2012


The Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend 2012

Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend White Party Dancer

Photo: Girlbar.com

What's the Scene?:

For more than 20 years producers Robin Gans and Sandy Sachs have hosted the best lesbian events in the world. For the first time Girl Bar has moved its Dinah Shore party to Las Vegas. Girl Bar is where the hottest lesbians party in Los Angeles and Girl Bar Dinah Shore is where the hottest lesbians will party in Las Vegas for Dinah Shore Weekend 2012.

Who Should Go?:

If your idea of a vacation is one non-stop party with thousands of beautiful lesbians, this is your event! If you've been working on your dance moves and hot go go dancers turn you on, this is your scene! Girl Bar draws a slightly mellower, more affluent and older crowd than the other major Dinah Shore weekend party. It's also smaller, so you're more likely to run into that cute girl you met dancing later on in the weekend.

Who this is NOT for..:

If you like to sleep in on your vacation, don't stay at one of the Girl Bar hotels. Pool party dance music starts booming at 9am on Saturday.

Where/ When?:

April 27-29, 2012, Las Vegas, NV Planet Hollywood and Flamingo hotels

How much is this going to cost me?:

Hotel and party packages start at $299. The Ultra Vegas Weekend package starts at $499.

Before you go...:

Get a Brazilian wax...

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