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Las Vegas for Lesbians


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Head Downtown Young Lesbian!
Las Vegas for Lesbians
Kathy Belge
The Strip may have all the glitter and glare, but downtown Las Vegas is steeped in history. All of the original Las Vegas hotels and casinos are down here. It's been renovated to resemble a community fair atmosphere. Vendors and artists hawk their wares under a canopy of light and sound.

The centerpiece of the Fremont Street Experience attraction is "Viva Vision," billed as "the biggest big screen on the planet." This 90-foot-high, 1,500-foot-long LED canopy stretches the length of more than five football fields, hosts five nightly light and sound shows.

Shop for cheap t-shirts while a canopy of light and sound surround you on the Fremont Street Experience. Be sure to check out the restored neon signs from some of the historic casinos or visit the Neon Museum.

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