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Cruising with Olivia on the Caribbean


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Olivia Cruise Ship - Holland America
MS Ryndam Holland America Olivia Cruise Ship

MS Ryndam Holland America, My Olivia Cruise Ship

© Kathy Belge
I set sail on my very first Olivia vacation in October 2009 for their Halloween Caribbean Cruise. Then in March 2010, I was invited on Olivia's 20th anniversary cruise. Olivia started offering trips 20 years ago as a way for lesbians to get together to travel.

Olivia travels most of the time on the Holland America cruise line, because 20 years ago, when they approached the company about doing an all lesbian cruise, Holland was very open to the idea, where some other cruise lines were not.

Our ship was the MS Ryndam and accommodates 1200 passengers. On board, almost all expenses are covered. All the food is included in the price of the cruise, including room service and all tips. Alcohol, bottled water and sodas cost extra.

The boat had three swimming pools, a gym and spa, two nice sit-down restaurants and one buffet, a beautiful concert hall, several bars, a casino, shops and plenty of outdoor decks to lounge in the sun.

Holland America does an excellent job with food and customer service. Some Olivia vacations travel on other cruise lines.

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