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Provincetown for Lesbians


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Memorial Day Weekend for Lesbians in Provincetown
Memorial Day Weekend in Provincetown - Freedom Boat Party

Memorial Day Weekend in Provincetown - Freedom Boat Party

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Memorial Day Weekend is affectionately called "Baby Dyke Weekend" in Provincetown. That's because a lot of young lesbians from the surrounding colleges come out this weekend for one last blow-out at the end of the school year. Certainly there's plenty of young lesbians out drinking and partying, but that's not all you'll find.

It's a long weekend, and the weather can be delicious, so Memorial Day is a great time to visit Provincetown no matter what your age. Provincetown for Women hosts a variety of events, like a boat party, pool parties and the ever-popular Foam Party.

Memorial Day can also be a great time to catch a national lesbian performer. In 2012 acts included Suzanne Westenhoefer, comedian Poppy Champlin, singer Melissa Ferrick and drag show All the Kings Men.

Memorial Day Weekend is the last weekend in May.

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