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Provincetown for Lesbians


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Girl Splash
Girl Splash Weekend in Provincetown

Girl Splash Weekend in Provincetown

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Girl Splash is your Provincetown mid-summer blow out. The weather is hot and the girls are hotter. A diverse group of lesbians from the US, Canada and Europe make the trek to explore gay-friendly Provincetown, to walk hand-in-hand with their lovers with not a second thought.

Summer is a great time to visit this beach town and the women of Girl Splash make this week extra fun. You can set sail on an all-women's whale watch, where your honorary captains are top-notch comedians like Jennie McNulty, Mimi Gonzalez and Vickie Shaw. You can also catch all of these comedians and more in special shows, just for this week. One of the highlights of the week is the Girl Splash "Idol" contest where participants have an opportunity to show off their talents in an American Idol type contest.

The dance parties during Girl Splash are not to be missed. In 2012, Ski Vermont was a sponsor and the Wet Party featured hot go-go dancers inside and a snow machine outside.

Because it's New England, Girl Splash also offers clam bakes, beach bonfires, dune tours and guided bike rides.

Whether your ideal vacation involves sitting by a beautiful beach, strolling through the quaint shops or hiking and biking through scenic natural areas, Provincetown in the summer can't be beat. There's also quite a food scene with some of the best restaurants in New England nestled up and down Commercial Street. Eat lobster dinner at the world famous (lesbian-owned) Lobster Pot restaurant or enjoy tapas and specialty cocktails at the Sage Inn.

Girl Splash week has something for almost everyone. You can take part in a variety of organized events with other women; things like light house tour, whale watches, comedy shows, dance party at the Pied Bar, sunset watching parties, cocktail hours and of course, relaxing on the beach with nothing but sand, sea and women for as far as the eye can see.

Girl Splash 2013 will take place July 23-27.

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