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San Francisco for Lesbians - A travel Guide to San Francisco for Lesbians


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Have Lunch on Haight Street
Trax Bar in The Haight/Ashbury Neighborhood

Trax Bar in The Haight/Ashbury Neighborhood

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Haight/Ashbury is the birthplace of the hippie movement in the United States. On the corner where was once a counter-culture revolution, now sits a Ben & Jerry's ice cream store and a Gap. But, there are still plenty of hippies on Haight Street and it's a great place to shop for candles, incense, shoes and used clothing. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite thrift stores is the Haight Street Goodwill. There's plenty of good and cheap places to have lunch on Haight Street. Or stop into Trax at 1437 Haight Street, a young and trendy gay and lesbian bar with good drink specials.
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