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Top 10 Top Gay Pride Celebrations in The World


Celebrate gay pride in the gayest cities on earth. Here are the top places to celebrate gay pride.

1. New York City Gay Pride

New York City is the birth place of the modern gay rights movement, so it makes sense that NYC would host one of the world's biggest and best gay pride events. A full week of activities begins with a rally and ends with a parade and all kinds of activities packed in between.

2. Amsterdam Gay Pride

Amsterdam hosts one of the biggest gay pride events in the world. Partiers celebrate in the streets all weekend long culminating in the Gay Pride Canal Parade. Whereas most gay pride parades take to the streets, in Amsterdam 100 decorated boats sail through the Prinsengracht river. More than 350,000 spectators watch every year.

3. San Francisco

San Francisco is the gayest city in the United States, so it makes sense they have one of the best pride parades and festivals. The SF Pride Parade route is not long, but it IS festive. And the Pride festival is huge and diverse, with the main stage right downtown by city hall. There is sure to be a scene at SF Pride for you from the roaring dykes on bikes to the homo hip hop stages or drink in the ladies at the The Nectar Women's Stage.

4. Atlanta Gay Pride

The South is hot and you can't get hotter than Atlanta's Gay Pride. Line up along Peachtree Street to watch the scantily clad guys and gals strut on by. And don't forget to march in the Dyke March on Saturday night.
Atlanta Pride has moved to Piedmont Park and will be celebrating in the Fall.

5. Chicago Gay Pride

The Chicago Gay Pride parade steps off from the corner of Halsted & Belmont. There's also a pride run and a big pride festival with speakers and performers. If you're under 21 be sure to check out the Youth Pride.

6. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

In America, we had our Stonewall gay and lesbian revolt in 1969. In Austraila, it happened in 1978, when police revoked a permit for a gay pride parade and arrested 51 people. Now, Sydney Austraila has one of the biggest pride celebrations in the world, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Unlike many places, where gay pride lasts a week or weekend, Sydney Mardi Gras lasts for 3-4 weeks. It happens each February. Plan for next year!

7. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the most diverse city in the world and its gay pride celebration is a reflection of that. With a huge street fair, youth pride, dyke march and family pride events, there's sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. And be sure to check out all the free entertainment on seven stages over three days.

8. Long Beach, California

Life is better at the beach and Gay Pride is better in Long Beach, California. Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival & Parade is the third largest in the US attracting over 75,000 participants. With performers such as Queen Latifah, Smash Mouth and Sara Bareilles, you know this is one party you don't want to miss.

9. São Paulo, Brazil

The gay pride celebration in São Paulo, Brazil is said to be the biggest in the world. About 3.4 million people participated in the 2008. Like our Dyke Marches, São Paulo, Brazil gay pride has a lesbian and bisexual walk.

10. Montreal

Montreal has one of the best gay pride events in the world! Called "Divers/cite", Montreal's gay pride celebrates the diversity of this French and English speaking multicultural city. Be sure to check out LESBOMONDE, the biggest lesbian party of the year!

Where is your favorite gay pride event?

In your opinion, where is the best gay pride events in the world?
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