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Retts Scauzillo Bio

Dyke Activist and Lesbian Life Reporter


Retts as Frankie

Retts as Frankie

Retts Scauzillo
Retts Scauzillo is a working class Italian-American Dyke. She is from The Bronx, grew up on Long Island and now resides in her "little yellow house" in Catskill NY.

She has been involved in Women's Music and Culture (lesbian culture) since 1984 when Alix Dobkin asked her if she wanted to "participate" in her culture. She found her niche in stage work and has 25 years of experience as a stage manager and producer.

Retts is also described as a "fashion butch" who would love to dress the lesbian nation. She has been performing Drag as "Frankie" for the last 10 years, mostly in SF and now in New York, where she performed at New Paltz Pride. She is working on a one woman show entitled, "I'm the lesbian Frank Sinatra." You can email her at rettssf@yahoo.com for bookings. She is available to stage manage your next show or event.

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