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The Cliks - Snakehouse

The Cliks - I Love Them!

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The Cliks Snakehouse

The Cliks Snakehouse

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I haven’t been this excited about a band since I first heard Le Tigre or The Gossip. Like many of you, my first listen to The Cliks was on L Tunes, Music from and Inspired by The L Word. I immediately went looking for more of their music and was happy to find Snakehouse. I downloaded it and have been listening ever since.

Not Quite Riot Grrl

The Cliks might fit into the riot grrl genre, if lead singer Lucas Silveira wasn't a transgender man. Band members Morgan Doctor (drums), Jordan B. Wright (bass) and Silveira certainly have been influenced by the likes of Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders, Blondie and probably even Cyndi Lauper. Driving guitar riffs and a strong bass line are the perfect accompaniment to Silveira's angst-ridden heart break rebound lyrics.

Cry Like Justin

The Cliks

The Cliks

© Clint McClean
I admit, I'm not the biggest Justin Timberlake fan. Whenever he releases a new album I want to like it, I try, but I just don't feel it. Something is missing. I think I just discovered what that is. One listen to The Cliks cover of "Cry me a River" and you'll hear it too. They take a mediocre pop song and turn it into a rock-n-roll anthem.

The Voice Has It

Cover songs aside, it's Lucas Silveira's originals that make Snakehouse stand out. "Oh Yeah," their current Logo hit showcases the perfect marriage of Silveira's multi-range voice and emotionally driven lyrics.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, I've fallen down
But I can get up
Everyone in this fuckin' town
Can get their back up...

Don't just sit here and listen to me effusing, go check out The Cliks for yourself.

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