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Top 5 Lesbian Podcasts - Top Lesbian Podcasts


Ever since I got my ipod, one of the things I love most about it, is the free music and shows that I can download and listen to at my leisure. No more having to be near a radio at a certain time to hear my favorite show. Now I can download it and listen to it when and where I want. The other thing I love is the increasing number of lesbians putting out podcasts. Here are my picks for top lesbian podcasts.

1. The Lesbian Lounge

My favorite lesbian podcast has to be The Lesbian Lounge with Denise and Donna. Each week Denise and Donna talk about which lesbian celebrities they rubbed elbows with over the weekend, promote upcoming lesbian musicians, talk with celebrity call-in guests, share lesbian bed death tips and dating tips and even produce their own lesbian soap opera. If you choose to listen to the Lesbian Lounge live (Wednesday nights at 9pm East Coast Time) on your computer, you can even log into the chat room and chit chat with other lezzes from around the world.

2. The L Word Podcasts

There are a few L Word podcasts out there, but my favorite is the official Showtime one. Each week during The L Word season, you can download an interview with one of the cast members or production team. I've enjoyed listening to Kate Moenning wax on about Shane, laughed with Leisha Hailey and been inspired by producer Rose Lam.

3. Rubyfruit Radio

"Where it's all girls, All the time." If you're into independent music and supporting lesbian musicians, Rubyfruit Radio is for you! Each week you'll discover new artists like 8 Inch Betsy, The Clicks, Edie Carey and Three 5 Human.

4. The Lesbian Mafia

The Lesbian Mafia cracks me up. Sandi is a NYC lesbian whose show starts with a prank phone call and a rant. It's got a Saturday Night Live feel. Her interview with lesbian comedian Marga Gomez is great. This one's pretty new, but I hope it sticks around.

5. Velvet Park Podcast

Although Velvet Park is a slick lesbian magazine, the podcast isn't so much. It's a bit rough around the edges, not the best recording quality and not the smoothest interviewers. But actually, that's what I kind of like about it. They talk with Guinevere Turner in her hotel room at Dinah Shore and Leslie Hall in a field at the Michigan Womyn's Music festival. They go where the people are and talk to them. Very DIY.
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