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OLOC - Old Lesbians Organizing for Change


What is OLOC?:

OLOC stands for Old Lesbians Organizing for Change. OLOC is a national organization, with many local chapters, committed to empowering old lesbians.

Who Can Join OLOC?:

Any lesbian over 60 can join OLOC. OLOC believes that old lesbians have different problems and issues than younger lesbians. OLOC provides an organization where lesbians 60 and older can be together and speak for themselves.

Why does OLOC use the term "Old Lesbians?":

Like lesbians have reclaimed the word "dyke" and gays and lesbians now use the word "queer," OLOC has chosen to use the word "old" because it has been used against old people.

From OLOC's brochure: Why we use the word "old":

"Old" has become a term of insult and shame. To be "old" means to be ignored and scorned, to be made invisible and expendable.

We refute the lie that it is shameful to be an "old" woman. We name ourselves "old lesbians" because we will no longer accommodate ourselves to language that implies in any way that "old" means inferior.

We call ourselves OLD with pride. In doing so, we challenge the stereotypes directly. Thus, we empower and change ourselves, each other, and the world.

What does OLOC do?:

OLOC holds a national gathering every two years. The next one is scheduled in 2008 in Long Beach, California. OLOC also produces a newsletter that addresses the issues of being an old lesbian. Many local chapters hold meetings and social get-togethers.

Oral History Project:

Are you a lesbian age 70 or older? OLOC would love to hear from you. Arden Eversmeyer is a lesbian activist is collecting life stories of old lesbians over 70. For more information For information write:
Old Lesbians Organizing for Change
P.O. Box 5853
Athens OH 45701
Or email: info@oloc.org

What is Ageism?:

Ageism is a bias toward youth or against things that are old. Our culture values young and youthfulness. Old people often find themselves either ignored or put up on a pedestal by young people, rather than being treated as equals. People assume things about old lesbians, like they are asexual or that they are not "out." Because of ageism, old lesbians need places of their own to gather and talk about these issues and to celebrate each other.

Why do we need an organization for Old Lesbians?:

  • To provide a safe place for old lesbians to gather and share their stories and struggles.
  • Because ageism exists in the lesbian community
  • Because old lesbians need a place to talk about the aging process that is free of homophobia
  • Because aging affects everyone from all ethnic, class and cultural backgrounds
  • Because coming together can be a powerful thing
  • Because it's important to resist stereotypes -- whether they be about lesbians, old people, women or whatever!
  • Old lesbians have unique life experiences that many of us can learn from

Learn More: Visit OLOC on the Web

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