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Is Hillary Clinton a Lesbian?

New book claims the NY Senator is a Lesbian


A new book by Edward Klein, The Truth About Hillary is said to make some claims about Hillary Clinton having lesbian relationships. Is Hillary Clinton a lesbian?

At least one woman who is named as one of her lesbian lovers says, "No!" Nancy Pietrafesa attended college with Hillary Clinton and the two were close friends. Rumors have circulated about their relationship, some claiming they were lesbian lovers. Pietrafesa, who has been married to her husband for 35 years and has three children says this is absolutely not true.

Pietrafesa was quoted in the Syracuse Post Standard offered this explanation as to why some might claim Hillary Clinton is a lesbian "Women who are accomplished, whose ambitions, behavior, accomplishments make some people uncomfortable with their own, can really expect their sexuality questioned or slurred, denigrated," she said.

Pietrafesa does say that she and Hillary Clinton were good friends while attending Wellesley College."We spent a lot of time together. We trusted one another. We had a very similar sense of humor."

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