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Lesbian Polls, Gift Guides and Other Fun Stuff

Lesbian Fun is where you'll find polls about lesbian celebrities, The L Word and lesbian gift guides.

Best Lesbian Calendars for 2010
Calendars make great gifts. Or you might want to check out one of these great 2010 lesbian calendars for yourself.

Buy: Top Lesbian & Bisexual Music, Movies & Gifts
Lesbian Gift Guides, Top Lesbian Movies, Top Lesbian Songs, Top Lesbian Performers

Best Lesbian Calendars for 2009
A calendar is something that you're going to look at every single day of the year, so you want it to be something that is attractive, piques your interest each new month and speaks to your lesbian sensibility. Here are the best 2009 Lesbian Calendars.

Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide 2008
This holiday season, give the lesbian in your life something special.

Lesbians Talk Back
One of the best parts of hosting the Lesbian Life site is being part of a community where people from all over the world can add their input. Lesbian Life community members share their thoughts, opinions and experiences with other readers. The topics can be serious, such as a dad dealing with his daughter coming out, or fun, like telling the story of how you met your girlfriend. Either way, you h…

What is a lesbophobe?

What is a lesbophile?

What is a lesbro? Here is the meaning of lesbro.

De-Dyking the House
Do you de-dyke your house when family visits?

Ultimate Gifts for Lesbian Moms:
By Mary W. Foulk

Holidays are stressful no matter your orientation or parenting status. I’m always looking for ways to alleviate any and all holiday angst as well as ways to spoil my friends. The following are some gifts that no doubt will soothe, satisfy, and scintillate your favorite lesbian mom(s).

Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide 2007
Looking for the perfect gift for the lesbian on your list? Whether she is your lover, your sister or your wife, you're bound to find a few things here every lesbian will want.

Homogenius - The Game - Trivia Game for GLBT Players
Homogenius is trivia game for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans players. Here's a review of Homogenius, gay and lesbian trivia board game.

What is a vagina wig?
Jenny on The L Word calls the Curve Magazine reviewer a Vagina Wig. What is a vagina wig?

Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide 2006
Don't know what to get the lesbian on your list this holiday season? Here are some holiday and Christmas gift ideas for the lesbians on your list.

What does heteroflexible mean?

Dykes to Watch Out For
Alison Bechdel has drawn the lesbian comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For since 1983. Here is a sample Dykes to Watch Out For strip.

Is it Okay to Sleep with a Married Woman? A Lesbian Life Poll
What do you think? Is it okay to sleep with a woman who is married to a man?

Lesbian Bed Death Poll
Is lesbian bed death for real? What do your lesbians sisters have to say about lesbian bed death? Vote in the lesbian bed death lesbian life poll.

What is a gayborhood?

Dana's Poll
Dana on The L Word had two major loves, Lara and Alice. Which one was her true love?

Top Lesbian Cars
What do lesbians want when buying a car? Check out my top pics for cars for lesbians.

Lone Star Lesbian
What is the definition of Lone Star Lesbian?

Who is Your Favorite L Word Character?
Vote in the Lesbian Life Poll for your favorite L Word Character.

Who is the Hottest Lesbian of 2005?
Who is the hottest lesbian of 2005? Vote in the Lesbian Life poll.

Twas the Night Before the Wedding
Here's a little fun that also calls for gay and lesbian marriage.

Lesbian Gift Guide 2005
What gifts and presents will you get for your lesbian friends and lovers this year? Here are this year's top lesbian gifts.

Lesbian Gift Guide 2004
Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, Solistice or Chanukah, here are some ideas for the lesbian on your gift list.

Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide
Can't figure out what to get your lesbian love for the holidays? Check out these dykey ideas.

Lesbian Halloween Costumes
What are the best ideas for lesbians for Halloween costumes? Here are some great ideas for lesbians trying to figure out what to wear to that upcoming Halloween party.

Is Jodie Foster a Lesbian?
Is Jodie Foster a lesbian? You decide in the Lesbian Life poll.

Lesbian Top Picks
Lesbian Gift Guides, Top Lesbian Movies, Top Lesbian Songs, Top Lesbian Performers

Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Holiday gifts for lesbian and bisexual women 2010.

Sexy Lesbian Halloween Costumes for Couples
Halloween doesn't have to be scary, it can be sexy. Check out these ideas for sexy lesbian couple Halloween costumes.

Lesbian Life Gift Guide 2011
Gift ideas for lesbians 2011.

Lesbian Life Readers' Choice Awards 2012
The 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards. Vote for your favorites in several categories including vacations, films, books, reality TV stars and more.

Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide 2012
These fun and sexy ideas for lesbian holiday gifts.

Free Lesbian Gifts
You don't have to spend money to give someone a meaningful gift. Here are some great ideas for free gifts for your lesbian friends and lovers.

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