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Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Gifts for Lesbian and Bisexual Women


Looking for something extra special or uber-gay for the bisexual or lesbian gal on your gift list this holiday season? Whether she is a sporty dyke, a fashionista femme or something else all together, here are some ideas to get for your gal pal, lesbo best friend or distant cousin on your father's side.

1. Indigo Girls Holly Happy Days

Indigo Girls - Holly Happy Days

Every year, I look for new holiday music. I need look no further this year than my favorite lesbian band of all time: The Indigo Girls. After more than 20 years together, this is the Indigo Girls first holiday album. Back up musicians include Julie Wolf and Brandi Carlile and they cover newly-out lesbian songstress Chely Wright's "It Really Is (A Wonderful Life.)" With a nice mix of originals and holiday classics, this holiday album is sure to be a hit with the Indigo Girls fan on your list.

2. Under the Mistletoe Love Kit

Under the Mistletoe Kit from Good Vibrations

This is a great gift for the sexy lady or couple in your life. With a waterproof "butterfly" vibrator, a vibrating pleasure pump (good for clit or nipples), lubricant and plenty of AAA batteries, this gift will have you and your sweetie climbing back into bed  for a "nap" as soon as the kids have opened all their gifts.

3. An Olivia Vacation

Olivia Cruise
© Kathy Belge

Olivia offers the finest in lesbian group travel. Whether your dream vacation is a cruise in the Caribbean, a Hawaiian resort, Alaska adventure or a European cultural tour, why not do it in the company of other lesbians? Olivia vacations aren't just fun, they change lives. Trips for 2011 include a Mexican Rivera Cruise (with Wanda Sykes!), an Amsterdam Riverboat Cruise, holiday in China, Galapagos adventure and much more.

4. Lesbian Hairstyles Poster

Lesbian Barbershop Poster
dis magazine

When my partner and I celebrated our 10th anniversary, we had a "10 years of lesbian hair" party to celebrate all the different lesbian hairstyles we'd seen over the years. Lesbians are nothing if not creative in their choice of "dos." For the girl on your list with twelve kinds of hair gel, this poster should defintely be hanging by her mirror for inspiration.

5. Sigg Water Bottle

Sigg Water Bottle
© Pricegrabber

Carrying your own water is good for your health and good for the environment. Whether she's a gym bunny, a back packer, or just a gal about town, the gift of a Sigg water bottle, is sure to help her stay hydrated in style.

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6. Curve Magazine

Curve Magazine

For 20 years, Curve has been the best-selling lesbian magazine in the country. Recently bought by new owners, Curve is positioned to only get better. Covering lesbian politics, fashion, pop culture and so much more.

7. Studville Track Jacket

Studville Track Jacket

Whenever I wear this jacket, I get lots of compliments. If there's a studly lesbian on your gift list, she's sure to look dapper in this Studville track jacket.

8. Lesbian-Made Soaps

Hand made soap

Sometime gift-giving is about those things it seems a little extravagant to buy for yourself. Although, relatively inexpensive, hand made soap is something I love, but rarely buy for myself. Soap by This is Awesome is hand made with natural vegan ingredients by a lesbian single mom. My favorites? Herbal Lavender and Smells like a Man.

9. 18k Gold, Silver, and Rubber Bracelet

Love and Pride Freedom Bracelet
Love & Pride

Freedom is what it's all about, right? This bracelet from pro-gay jeweler Love & Pride is a fine way to tell her you want her by your side, but want her to have the freedom to be her own person too.

10. Joby Gorillapod

Joby Gorilliapod
© Pricegrabber

Some of us never mastered the art of holding a camera at arm's length to snap a shot of us with our friends. For the short armed and self portrait-impaired, Joby has come up with the Gorillapod. You can attach it to any surface, like a pole or picnic table, set your camera's self-timer and viola! A picture you'll want to share on your Facebook page.

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11. Bananagrams

© Pricegrabber

What lesbian doesn't like game night? Bananagrams is a fun, fast game, like Scrabble without the board and you're all playing at once. And best of all, it comes in its own banana-shaped carrying case.

12. Petzl Headlamp

Petzl Headlamp
© Pricegrabber
Sure, make all the gynecologist jokes you want. I got a headlamp originally for camping, but have found so many uses that I keep one in my car and near my bed at all times. It's great for reading in bed when you don't want to disturb your partner, for working on projects in low light, when the power goes out, or illuminating a tight spot. And sure, you can play gynecologist too if you want.
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