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Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Fun and Sexy Gifts for Lesbians


This year for the lesbian holiday gift guide we're featuring gifts from small-independent businesses, artists and lesbian entrepreneurs.

1. Handmade Pioneer Pen

Pioneer Pens
Pioneer Pens
A Lesbian Life reader suggested a handmade pen from Pioneer Pens. Here is what she has to say: "Jennifer Rogal is a woodturning sister who creates beautiful pens and other items out of her home shop in West Virginia. She can make any item custom for a personalized gift. Her business is growing and I think being included on your list would be a fantastic opportunity. I have six of her pens. They are wonderful writing instruments. We've given several as personalized gifts and had one made for our NYC wedding ceremony. We used it to sign our marriage license."

She has many designs to choose from. Personally I like the Maple Puppy Paws pen for the writer or dog lover on your gift list.

2. Double Chocolate by Suzanne Deakins

Double Chocolate by Suzanne Deakins
One Spirit Press
From the author's description:

"Double Chocolate is a book of love... and all those things that go into love. Passion, Anguish, Fantasy, and Consciousness all serve as over all areas of poetry. A book to be read slowly and enjoy as you would a hot fudge or any delightful chocolate treat. Try one at breakfast, another at lunch and perhaps one at dinner and a late night snack. Chocolate does release in the brain the same endorphins and opens pleasure centers as does love, hence the connection between love and chocolate."

Here is an example of one of the poems:

My Woman

Sensual strength
Blond, brown, or black
Deliberate elegance, flawless
Perfection of god in motion

Body moving to the rhythm
Of all time and space
Sexy, sultry, feminine, grooving to life
A gentle breeze riding the waves of light

Lighting the room with radiance of being
Calming the rough seas of life
Lucid beauty
Intelligence walking symphony

My woman, every women
The priestess of life
Smiling, full of grace and style
Never underdone
My woman, every women
Its not just the flow of her hair
Or the power of her stare
There is no other woman but my woman

Confidence in her walk
The ring in her voice
Curve of her hips
The point of her lips
That makes her all women

Gods greatest creation
Opening to me with a twist
Exotic, erotically packaged
Sealed with a kiss
My woman all woman

Life it good.

© 2008 by Suzanne Deakins from Double Chocolate, A Book of Exotic Love

3. Chocolate from Poco Dolce

Poco Dolce Chocolate
Poco Dolce Chocolate
You can read about chocolate or you can eat it. Why not combine Suzanne's book with a bit of artisan chocolate from Poco Dolce. Poco Dolce is a lesbian owned company whose chocolates are created in small batches in San Francisco. They've recognized as a sustainable business, but best of all, their chocolate tiles, toffee and bars taste amazing. Poco Dolce literally translates from Italian as "not too sweet" or "just a little sweet." Yum!

4. Custom Sexy Erotica by Cameryn Moore

Custom Erotica by Cameryn Moore
Cameryn Moore
Cameryn Moore had a great idea. She set herself up with a typewriter and some cards and stationed herself in public corridors, usually near bars or an active night scene and offered to write custom erotica for passersby. She's published a book of her favorites called Bang It Out: Sidewalk Smut for lovers, lushes, and other passersby.

Cameryn Moore has offered to write custom erotica for lesbian life readers. From Cameryn: "I do custom ABRUPT erotica, which is even better. Basically, I interview people (in person, over the phone, or by email), and then whip out first-draft, stream-of-consciousness erotica on a manual typewriter. Hardcore to softcore, BDSM, couples, I can do it ALL. These are NOT 'Mad Libs' style writing, that is, I do not use actual names or proper-noun locations in the stories. They are each unique literary creations. One-page custom piece for $50 (includes mailing); rates vary for smaller pieces and sets of microsmut (3-4 lines on backs of index cards). People can find me here on Facebook, or email me at littleblackbookproductions at gmail.com with their inquiries.

5. SmartWool Socks

SmartWool Socks
© Pricegrabber
I love socks and SmartWool are my favorites. No matter the temperature, merino wool insulates and wicks moisture, keeping your feet comfortable and supported. Plus, these fun rainbow colors will make her smile every time she catches a glance of them.
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6. Marriage Equality Pendant

Marriage Equality Pendant from Love and Pride
© Love and Pride
Maybe you're not ready to pop the question, but you are ready to celebrate your love and all the gains we've made in the recent past. LGBT favorite designers Love & Pride have designed this stainless steel pendant with a Marriage Equality USA log on one pendant and the other is blank, so you can engrave it with any message you want. And best of all 100% net proceeds go to Marriage Equality USA to support their important work for marriage equality.

7. It's all Butch Calendar

It's All Butch Calendar 2013
© Debbie Boud
Celebrate a bit of butchiness this holiday season with the 2013 It's All Butch Calendar. Whether your fantasy is of a hot firefighter, being rescued from an approaching train by a dapper butch, a sexy schoolteacher or a Harley dyke, this calendar is a feast for your senses.

8. Custom Artwork by a Lesbian Artist

Sculpture by Michelle Gallagher
© Michelle Gallagher
Support the arts and lesbian artists. A quick search on etsy.com revealed all kinds of fun and creative gift ideas from jewelry to clothing to paintings and a fun Lesbian Last Supper painting.

9. Tickets to a Local Women's Sporting Event

Sherri Murrell with Portland State University Players
© Troy Wayrynen
Whether it's a women's college basketball game, tickets to a WNBA game, roller derby or a pro or club soccer game make a great gift for the lesbian sports fan on your gift list.

10. A Great Lesbian Film

Kiss Me Lesbian Film
© Wolfe Video
Pick out a romantic favorite like the new lesbian film Kiss Me or stock up on some of her old favorites. If you like to watch live streaming movies on your computer, get her a subscription at Busk Films where you can stream the best in lesbian film right on your computer.
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