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Lesbian Pulp Novels Covers

Photos of Real Pulp Novel Covers from the 1950s and 60s


The Third Sex

The Third Sex, a lesbian pulp with classic artful cover from 1959.

Kathy Belge
In the conservative 1950s it was hard for lesbians to find any mention of their kind at all, let alone anything remotely positive. All that changed with the advent of the lesbian pulp novel. Pulp novels, named such because of the cheap paper they were printed on, first came about after World War II. Books from many genres including science fiction, mystery and western were mass-produced and sold cheaply in bus depots and drug stores.

With their racy cover art and somewhat sympathetic story lines, lesbians pulp novels became an oasis in a vast sea of homophobia for many lesbians in America. They could read for the first time about others like them.

Collectors Items: Lesbian Pulp Novels

Pulp novels were meant to be read and discarded. But many women passed these books on from person to person, or kept them in boxes in the attic. Modern day lesbians have a renewed interest in pulp fiction from this era, and many of the titles have become collectors items.

In the next pages you will see images from lesbian pulp novels from my personal collection. I hope you enjoy them.

Vin Packer's Spring Fire/Valerie Taylor's Stranger on Lesbos

Lesbian Pulps: Ann Bannon's I am a Woman/Valerie Taylor's Whisper their Love

Warped Desire/The Unashamed

Lesbian Pulp Fiction Covers: The Third Sex/Twilight Girl

No Men Allowed/Lesbian Slaves

Images of Lesbian Pulp: Partytime/Women in Prision

Man Among Women/Killer Dyke

Private Party/Latent Lesbian

Lesbian Pulp Fiction: Her Raging Needs/The Sex Between

College Sex Queans/Valerie Taylor's The Girls in 3B

Hollywood Girl Trap and Paula Christian's The Edge of Twilight

Pics of Lesbian Pulp Novels from the 1950s: Domitory Women and Women's Barracks by Tereska Torres

City of Women and Gay Scene by Joan Ellis

Photos of Lesbian Pulp Covers: Woman Doctor/Lesbian Hell

The Divorcees/Intimate

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