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Ways to Keep Your Relationship Vibrant

Lesbian Romance Tips


When they say relationships take work, they don't mean the work is drudgery or that it has to be hard. In fact, the more work you put in, the easier a relationship will be. Are you looking to keep the spark and vibrancy alive in your relationship? These easy tips can help keep the love alive in your lesbian relationship.

1. Send her Flowers at Work

Woman Standing with Hearts & Flowers
© Dani Toth
Send her flowers for no reason at all. Or the reason can be simply that you were reminded today how much you love and appreciate her and you wanted her to know. If you can't afford to send flowers, pick some up at the grocery store on your way home. Bunches of flowers can be picked up for under $10.

2. Write her a Love Note

Love Letter
© Justyna Furmanczyk
Write her an old fashioned love letter and put it in the mail. Even if you live together, put a stamp on it and have the mail carrier deliver it. Don't know what to say? Remind her of a sweet memory or tell her how you feel about your life together thus far. Talk about your hopes and dreams for the future. Here are some more tips for writing a quality love letter.

3. Touch Her

Lesbian Couple Holding Hands
© Kathy Belge
Touch her in a non-sexual way. Hold hands when you're walking down the street. Caress her back when you're watching TV on the couch. Spoon her at night.

Humans crave touch. A simple touch says so much. It can be reassuring, sensual or playful. A recent study found that massage and other forms of touch lower the stress hormones and blood pressure and also enhance the release of oxytocin, the hormone that calms us.

4. Touch her in a Sexual Way

Women's Hands Opening Jeans
© Daniel Jaeger Vendruscolo
Couples with a healthy sex life report being happier in their relationships overall. When you get two women in a relationship, sometimes sex goes out the door. Don't expect sex to just "happen." Plan for it! And bring new things into the bedroom if you feel like it's getting stale. Introduce sexy talk, some new sexy toys, erotica or act out a fantasy. As you become more and more comfortable with each other, the excited sexy feeling you had at the beginning of a relationship can fade. Keep your sex life vibrant by introducing new things.

5. Watch a Romantic Movie Together

Watching Movies in Bed
© altrendo images
Watching other people in love can enhance the feelings you have for one another. Check out one of our picks for romantic lesbian movies or rent a romantic comedy.

6. Compromise

© Wolfe Video
Do something for your partner that is out of your comfort zone that you know she will enjoy.

7. Play and Laugh Together

© Uschi Hering
Laugh and have fun together and your relationship is sure to stand the test of time. Think of funny things about your day to share with your partner, develop inside jokes and go see funny movies or comedians together.

8. Surprise Her

A Gift
© sanja gjenero
Bring an element of surprise back into your relationship and you're sure to keep the relationship vibrant and strong. Surprise her with concert tickets, a vacation or simply by showing up to her work with lunch.

9. Date Nights

Lesbians Kissing on a Date
Make dates. Get out of your routine and take her out for a night on the town or a night out of town. A change of scenery is always good to stimulate your senses. Make sure date nights are time when you reconnect with each other--free of friends, kids, responsibilities, phones, Facebook and email. Turn everything off and tune into her.

10. Let the Storms Pass

Waiting for Marriage in the Rain
Kathy Belge
Every relationship has its share of ups and downs. Recognize this and don't dwell on it. A relationship is not the "happily ever after" we learn about in fairy tales. Hard times are not failure, they are just part of life. Ride out the storm and remember life is filled with happy times and hard times.
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