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Lesbians and Sports

Lesbians and sports will explore the issue of homophobia and how it effects all women athletes and lesbians in particular.

Gay Games Chicago 2006
Photos and pics from Gay Games VII in Chicago 2006

Women's Final Four Basketball Pics
Photo Gallery of the NCAA Women's Final 4 in Boston 2006

Gay Games Chicago: Gay Games® VII Sports and Cultural Festival
The Seventh Gay Games will take place in Chicago in 2006. This Olymoic-like sporting event for gay and lesbian participants is expected to draw thousands of gay and lesbian athletes from around the world.

Gay and Lesbian Olympics: Gay Games versus Outgames
In 2006 the gay and lesbian community will have two Olympic-type events: the Gay Games and the World Outgames. Why is there two GLBT sporting events? Why did the Outgames split from the Gay Games? Here is an explanation, as well as a history of the Gay Games.

First World Outgames: Montreal 2006
Montreal is host to the First World Outgames in July 2006. This gay and lesbian Olympic-like sporting event will bring thousands of gay and lesbian athletes to Montreal to compete in many different Olympic-like sports and competitions.

Lesbians & Basketball: Discrimination on the Court
The National Center for Lesbian Rights has accused Penn State Coach Rene Portland of discriminating against lesbians on the team.

Lesbian Basketball Player
What's it like to be a lesbian on the basketball team? Read one player's story.

Another Lesbian Basketball Player Tells her Story
Here's the story of one lesbian basketball player who decided to come out to her coach and teammates.

Out Lesbian Olympians
Who are the out lesbians at the Olympics in Athens, Greece 2004? This article will introduce you to Martina Navratilova, Amelie Mauresmo and Judith Arndt.

Out Sports
Which is greater, the number of gay women athletes, or the amount of homophobia in the sports world? Out Sports has news, profiles of out athletes and connections to local sports clubs.

One Lesbian Fan reacts to meeting her WNBA Idol
What happens when Lauren Jackson touches this fan's hand?

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