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Transexual & Transgender Lesbians & Dykes

This page if for transgendered and transexual sexual minorities, their friends, families and loved ones.

What is Transgender Day of Remembrance
Transgender Day of Remembrance

Be a Trans Ally
Trans is the T in LGBT. do you know how to be an ally to a trans person or the trans community? Here are some tips for being a great ally for trans folks.

Can Transsexuals be Lesbians?
Can someone be transsexual and a lesbian? One transsexual wants to know, when she becomes a woman, will she be a lesbian?

This is what Androgyny means.

This is the definition of pansexual.

Trannydyke or Tranny Dyke
What is a trannydyke?

What is a boi?

Gender Identity Disorder
What is gender identity disorder?

Sex Reassignment Surgery
What is sex reassignment surgery?

Gender Expression
Here is the definition of gender expression for transgender and transsexual people.

Gender Identity
Gender Identity for transgender people

Gender variance
What does gender variance or gender variant mean? Here's your definition.

What does genderqueer mean?

What is a cross-dresser?

For Significant Others of Transgendered
When your partner comes out as transsexual or transgender, you are forced to look at your own identity in order to stay in the relationship. Here are some stories of couples who did survive the transition and some advice if you find yourself in love with someone who is changing their gender.

Transsexual? Transgender? Cross dresser?
Gay Life guide Ramon breaks it all down for you.

HIV Transmission and the Trans Community
The transgendendered community has a HIV infection rate of 15-60%. Why is the percentage so high? HIV/AIDS Guide Mark Cichocki explains why.

What does Cisgendered mean?
What is cisgendered?

What's the Difference between Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation?
What's the Difference between Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation?

Am I a Drag King, Transgender or What?
A teen who is out as a lesbian is struggling with gender identity. Lesbian Life helps this teen sort out the issue of gender identity.

Top Trans Books
A list of great books for and about transgender people.

What is Intersex?
What does it mean to be intersex? What is intersexuality?

Being Trans is No Longer a "Disorder"
The term Gender Identity Disorder is being phased out by the American Psychiatric Association and replaced with Gender Dysphoria.

People Think I’m Trans—I’m Not!

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