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Janice and Karin - Married in New Haven, CT

From Arkansas to Connecticut


Karin & Janice Kissing on their wedding day

Karin & Janice's Wedding Day

Courtesy of Janice
I, Janice, am a writer and Karin is a librarian. We met on a lesbian website in Arkansas and within a few days after writing met face to face on July 4. I brought popsickles to break the ice, mainly though for Karin's daughter Alyssa. You could say there were fireworks. We did the U-Haul thing and moved into my house. I was older and now I was living with the love of my life complete with a daughter. Within a year, Karin was offered a job in New Haven, Connecticut. There was no question about who was moving or why...we just assumed we'd always be together. Our friends and her family asked though. Off to New Haven we went and soon after celebrated a Civil Union in a state that honors lesbians and gays, so different from the religious and conservative nature of Arkansas. Our new neighborhood in New Haven has other gays and lesbians nearby; we feel at home here.

We got married this year on June 5 at the courthouse. The Justice of the Peace married us wearing an Obama t-shirt and a yellow rain slicker. It makes for a funny story but we didn't let it spoil our special moment of solemnity complete with our daughter being the flower girl. My parents are dead. One brother doesn't speak to me any more because of my living with a woman. Karin's family isn't too thrilled about our relationship either. It's okay. We have each other, and we have Alyssa.

We're very thankful to be in Connecticut where we can be ourselves either walking in our neighborhood or downtown and hold hands or kiss. I pray that other states in the US will follow most of New England's lead in allowing same-sex marriages.

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