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Kathryn & Jeani - The Second Same-Sex Marriage License in Solano County, CA

Kathryn & Jeani's Wedding Story


Kathryn & Jeani

Kathryn & Jeani

Courtesy of Kathryn & Jeani
Greetings from the second marriage license issued in Solano County. My wife and I stood in line for only a half an hour before the clerk opened the office. While we waited the county recorder came out and congratulated us all, there were about eight couples waiting with us, for taking advantage of this historic day. There were no protesters or even any sour faces. But the police presence on the second floor balcony was a reminder that not everyone might be as celebratory. Our wedding will be on the 4th of July which seemed appropriate since the fireworks we can see from our house will always be there to remind us that we got Married.
Kathryn & Jeani
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