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Lesbian Wedding Pics: Sarah & Angi

Lesbian Wedding Pics: Sarah & Angi

  1. Angi & Sarah traveled from Boise, ID to Canada to get married.

  2. Cheril & Monica's Wedding was like a fairy tale, complete with a castle!

  3. Kathy & Tay were among the gay and lesbian couples married in San Francisco in 2004 while it was legal.

  4. Jennifer & Christine: Dreams do come true.

  5. Cathy & Leah show that love is sometimes better the second time around.

  6. Laura & Kelli won a wedding contest.

  7. Kasia & Tracey were married in Canada where they live.

  8. Claudia & Lindsay got married in South Africa, where it is legal.

  9. Jacqueline & Melissa met at work and fell in love.

  10. Kathryn & Jeani from Solano County, California.

  11. Janice and Karin were married in Connecticut.

  12. Kia and Sheree: soulmates.

  13. You! Send me your wedding pics and story. Here's how.
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