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Claudia and Lindsay - Married in South Africa


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Claudia & Lindsay: We Met at a Dating Service
Claudia & Lindsay get Married

Claudia & Lindsay get Married

Courtesy of Claudia & Lindsay
I met my wife Lindsay on a telephone dating services called Free Love in September 2006. She left me a message in my inbox and it took me a week to call her back, because I have just given up on love. I eventually called her back. The minute I spoke to her I fell in love with her voice and was eager to find out more about her. We have been chatting for a week via telephone and text messages. We spent three hours talking on the phone every night until we decided to set up a date to meet, but before I met her I already fell in love with her. We met the following Friday evening and it was love-at-first sight. I drove to Lindsay’s work without her knowing that I am coming. When I got there, I immediately recognized her (Keep in mind that we only chatted via Telephone). I sat in the car and watched her for a while, then I called her and told her to stop walking up and down and do some work. She was so shocked, I waited for her till she finish work, took her home to go freshen up and we went for dinner at a near by restaurant. We chatted for like hours and hours, we were the last people to leave. We enjoyed each other’s company so much. The next day I drove about 30km to see her with one rose to thank her for the wonderful evening I spent with her. From that day we could not get enough of each other and I every night I drove 30km to see her after work. I would leave her place in the morning hours and drive to work.

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