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Claudia and Lindsay - Married in South Africa


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I ask her to move in with me
Claudia & Lindsay Wedding Rings

Claudia & Lindsay Wedding Rings

© Courtesy of Claudia & Lindsay
A month after that in November I asked her to move in with me. Things were hard, but our love for each other gave us the courage to continue and make a success of our relationship as many people said we moving too fast. January the following year her two children moved in as well. I then planned a very romantic evening and popped the big question and without a doubt I got a yes. The following day, we shard it with our parents and they were happy for us. We then set a date for the wedding, but at that point in time Lindsay was unemployed. We wanted to move the wedding to another date, but we then decided to continue with the wedding and not let anything spoil our big day.

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