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Kasia and Tracey


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How We Met: Kasia and Tracey
Kasia and Tracey Hugging

Kasia and Tracey Hugging

Lloyd Gross/Sabrina Gross
Tracey and I met in April of 2007, through an online forum. Smiles were exchanged, a few introductory emails were next, then some long email conversations which morphed into MSN chats. Soon, things started getting more and more serious. We got into a routine and each found ourselves day-dreaming during the day, anxious to get home and log on for full evening of chats and cuddles.

Then the unthinkable happened - I was going on vacation and we were faced with two weeks apart. Luckily, my best friend had her Blackberry on our vacation, and whenever I woke up in a bad mood or was grumpy from all the traveling, I would check my email. My mood would change nearly instantly. The time apart did nothing to quell the chemistry and we ended up meeting in person on May 20th -- the day after my return from vacation.

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