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Where to Get Married in California

Places for Lesbian and Gay Couples to Get Married


Now that gay marriage is legal in California once again,  gay and lesbian couples will be traveling  to California to get married. But where? Here are some ideas of places to get married in California for gay and lesbian couples. With its coastline and mountain ranges, California’s full of beautiful locales for getting hitched. Here are a few ideas for a scenic lesbian wedding:

The Applewood Inn, Guerneville

Applewood Inn
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The Russian River area, running through Mendocino and Sonoma Counties, is full of gay-owned and gay-friendly resorts and B&Bs. The Applewood Inn in Guerneville is one of the nicer resorts around, has a spa on premises and regularly has weddings. Nearby, Guerneville’s Metropolitan Community Church and the Guerneville Community Church are both very gay-friendly.

Wilbur Hot Springs, Wilbur Springs

Wilbur Hot Springs
A two-and-a-half-hour drive from San Francisco, Wilbur Hot Springs is set on an 1,8000-acre nature preserve. The site features (clothing-optional) bathhouses, wildflower valleys and a Victorian style lodge.

Loew’s Santa Monica Hotel, Santa Monica

Loew’s Santa Monica Hotel, Santa Monica
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If you’ve got a large wedding planned and plenty of money to burn, Loew’s hosts weddings overlooking the Pacific Ocean in gorgeous, gay-friendly Santa Monica.

Unitarian Universalist Society, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge
© Kathy Belge
The Unitarian Church is known for being gay-friendly, and the San Francisco chapter in particular has a long history of supporting our marriage rights—they’ve been conducting same-sex commitment ceremonies since the 1960s. This beautiful church in the Pacific Heights neighborhood was built in 1889 and can accommodate up to 400 guests. If you’re traveling from out of town to San Francisco, the boutique hotel chain Personality Hotels is offering a Pride and Personality package through December 30, 2008 especially for same-sex newlyweds.

Holly’s Place, South Lake Tahoe

Holly's Place, Lake Tahoe
This lesbian-owned and formerly women’s only resort is available for weddings. The grounds are small (two acres) but scenic and secluded, and the shores of Lake Tahoe are a short walk away.

Unity of Palm Springs, Palm Springs

Queen of Hearts Resort Palm Springs California
Queen of Hearts Resort
This progressive Christian church, located in a quiet neighborhood of Palm Springs hosts weddings for couples of any gender. You or your out-of-town guests might want to stay at the nearby, lesbian-owned Queen of Hearts Resort.

Maritime Museum of San Diego, San Diego

Known as one of the more conservative cities in California, San Diego still has some nice queer-friendly places to tie the knot. Consider having your ceremony aboard the historic Star of India, the world’s oldest active sailing ship.

Yosemite National Park

© Allen Mitchell
The 1,200-square mile park has plenty of scenic locations for your ceremony, including a small wooden chapel and the beautiful Ahwahnee Hotel. A Bed of Roses Bed and Breakfast is a lesbian-owned inn just 10 miles from the park.
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