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Isleton, CA

Reader Reviews: Lesbian-Friendly Cities and Towns

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By Daffy_Di

Isleton, CA

Taking our boat back down a canal.

Lesbian Friendly Towns

Name of Your Lesbian-Friendly Town: 


Date of Visit or How Long You've lived Here: 

Eight years

What state or country is your town?: 

Northern California

My Review 

I have lived all over California in San Francisco, Lake Arrowhead, Santa Monica and Venice. I have also spent twelve years in gay and lesbian friendly southern coastal towns of Gold Beach and Brookings, Oregon. I moved to Isleton from Oregon in 2004 to be with my now, wife.She is a native San Franciscan and picked Isleton because of it's quiet island lifestyle and beauty. One visit and I was sold on the area as well. This Sacramento Delta town of Isleton is a lazy small town with a full population of less than 1,000 people. Farmers, boaters, lesbians gays all live here in harmnoy! Boaters frequent the water year round, as there are 1,000 miles of waterway to explore with World Class fishing and a variety of migratory birds. There is much for everyone to enjoy on our three beautiful rivers.. The area houses rvers, both part and full time. It seems that Isleton is a secret we don't often share as our weather is perfect year round. We have easy driving, BART or bus service to Sacramento, San Francisco, Reno and Tahoe! Isleton is where I plan to stay! Come see us! In Isleton,everyone here likes lesbians! I know 20-50 who live nearby!

List lesbian bars and businesses we should know about. 

Lots of local bars and resturants that are all lgbt friendly!

Gay-Friendly Laws 

None! The predominately lesbian Northern Ca. RVing women visit here at least once a year with 50 or more RV's!

Anything else you want to add about this great place. 

If you are a shopping addict you would not be happy with major stores being 25 miles away!

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