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I Came Out to My Dad First

Share Your Story: How did you come out to your parents?

By okgirl12

How did you come out to your parents?

I was 19 when I came out. I came out to my dad first. It was really hard because I wasn't out with very many people at the time. I didn't tell my mom until about 5 months later.

What did you say?

I sat down with my dad one day and said I have to tell you something but I was having a hard time saying it. So my dad started guessing. After going through the typical are you pregnant, did you secretly get married etc. he finally said are you a lesbian or bisexual or whatever you call it. I said actually yes. Then he just looked at me, laughed and asked if I was happy. I told him I was very happy and then I filled him in on my who my girlfriend was and all that. My dad loves it now. We are very close and we often swap dating stories and things like that.

Then came the task of telling my mom. We went to the mall together one day and saw a lesbian couple in front of us in line. She leaned over and asked me if they were together. I said yes. We got back into the car and said mom I need to tell you something. Then I just blurted it out. She just got real quiet which scared me to death. Then she was like well you can still have kids, and have a wedding and do everything you want to in life. I said yes I can and that was that.


  • Don't be afraid to probe your parents for questions. My parents had a lot more questions than they were willing to admit. Answering all of them makes your parents feel better.
  • It's ok if your parents bring up your orientation a lot. They are just trying to show you they care.

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