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Love at First Sight

Share Your Story: How did you meet your partner?

By Deanna Giddens

Where I met my partner?

I meet my true love on yahoo personal online her name is Shameca and we will be getting married on Dec. 23, 2009

How we fell in love

Shameca asked me could she come to my job to meet me and I told her yes and it was love at first sight.Every day we would talk for hours on the phone. Then we moved in with each other and every day was hard on buth us but we didn't let anyone come between us and our love grew strong.Wwe have been together for two years now and are happy with each other.


  • Try to follow your heart no matter what anybody has to say and don't fight true love and try to give 100% in with your love and god will do the rest have faith and you will find true love.

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