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We Met on an Internet Site for Lesbians

Share Your Story: How did you meet your partner?

By dajana

Where I met my partner?

I met my Majka, it is short form Mariana, at internet sites for lesbians. We had a date, fall in love and till today we are together. She is clever, wonderful. Everything, what she do, is super. I very love her.

How we fell in love

We met through internet sites for lesbians.

she is super. She loves me, call me every day. When I am sad, she will make me feel good. She is full of care. She is taking care of two babies of her sister. And she is doing her job very good.

I love her. She is perfect friend too. When I am sad, she comes and tell me, that it was not so bad.

I love her.


  • I advise you all to meet new people and to believe to them. Life is wonderful, when you have friends and your partner- love.

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