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I've told you my favorite dates for all four seasons. What about you? What are your favorite lesbian date ideas or places? Share your ideas with the world! Tell Your Best Date Idea

Hotel date

My girlfriend went to a conference and I accompanied her. Our hotel was beautiful--glass elevators, chocolate fountains, huge rooms, and a huge bed. Our first time to go to bed was supposed to be for a nap. But we ended up eating and then feeding each other and that led to erotic feeding and that that led to the best sex we ever had. I'm not sure how many meetings she went to because we couldn't get out of that bed. We are now married and we love to talk about that experience.

Go out for coffee

A popular hang out for teens and adults where I live is a coffee shop its nice because you can hang out listen to soft music and sit and just talk and get to know eachother.
—Guest star0616

Walking in days to another town for love

i fell in love with an awesome girl. But i have never met her. So i thought to my self, she's not that far away. so i packed some food, some money and something to drink and i started heading down that city. after a couple of days, i finally got there, I knew the name of her school, i didn't want to go that day. So i searched and searched and there it was.. her school. I walked in, and i saw her. I said: come here.. she came and i told her teacher that we were going to a wedding.. or something i don't know. but then, i took her somewhere were we could see out to sea and see denmark. It was the most beautiful thing i have ever done for someone.. she called that day a date, i called it a miracle. haha i survived days just walking many miles down in sweden. BUT! that.. was..the..most amazing day of my life..
—Guest monkey.

Out in Nature

I am a city girl by heart, but I drove out 2.5 hours to meet my now girlfriend for the first time. She lives in the country. We went to these beautiful quintessential New England country towns and eventually went to this swimming hole, waded in the water, and shared our first kiss (or 100) there. It was so peaceful and perfect for our first date and kiss.
—Guest JennKnappFan

a tent picnic

we made a picnic and because id never been camping before we decided to combine the 2 and spent all day laying in a tent and eating sandwiches...it was amazing and relaxing and just perfect
—Guest Belle

first "date"

We didn't plan on it actually being a "date" because she still had a boyfriend. Halfway into it we joked about it being a date, and I think in the end we agreed it actually was. I asked her to "surprise me" when I visited her in DC. Her "surprise" was having nothing planned. We met at a metro stop and just walked up to the street, saw a cute cafe and ate there. Then we noticed a Barnes & Noble across the street so we walked over there and roamed for a while, talking about books and all sorts of things. After that we got back on the sidewalk and saw an indie cinema (all of this was pretty much at the same intersection) so we just picked a random movie since we hadn't planned on anything (it turned out to be Jane Eyre) and just let the night progress. It was all on a whim. Not having to worry about the time or the place really made our first "date" very relaxed and enjoyable. It was the BEST first date I've ever had and probably ever will have. I miss you, doll.
—Guest wantyoutomyself

Camping cabin

We were planning a long trip to like one of our favorite places: Gulf Port, Florida. (See best lesbian places to live or vacation, I can't remember where I posted about Gulf Port. But you must go there. Very gay friendly) But time and money ran short so we decided to "vacation at home." We rented a little cabin at a local campground and spent the two days doing all the things you want to do but don't do because it's close to home and you never do it because you are so busy making a living. You know? We had fun, roasted marshmellows and stuff by the fire. We held hands and kissed, walked arm in arm and generally it was a most relaxing and like wonderful time we've had out together in a long time. Now this is more than a date, but it seemed like a date to us and we called it our two day and one overnight date. LOL

Winter Wonderland

I kept it a big secret... I took her to amish country for a horse drawn sleigh ride. It was after dark, cold, and lots of fun. The driver was very friendly: offering to take our picture together, tucked us in together under a big blanket and off we went. Half way through the ride, we stopped and were allowed to climb on the horse for a picture or two. It was great fun and very romantic!

Best Date

For my girlfriend's birthday, I got together food for a picnic and took her to a park that we go to pretty often. We layed out on a blanket and just relaxed. The weather was awesome and everything just felt perfect. The best part was our first public kiss. It wasn't intended to be public, but after it happened, we realized there were people at a nearby table. Oops! ; )
—Guest Anonymous

vacation in new mexico.

she invited me to a famly vacation and we were riding the quads i was terrified so i road on the back with her. we had so much fun. we screamed katy perry songs on the back of the quad. i know tht sounds stupid but you wernt there. we stayed up late and looked at the stars i never saw them so pretty.we also had a picnic just the two of us . best date ever
—Guest anonymous


Honestly, the best date I ever had was the first one in public. We just walked around the mall holding hands and kissing in walmart. No one told us we were going to hell, no one even gave us a second glance. It was nice to know that we are on the way to not only be tolerated, but accepted. Although I'm sure that sounds stupid.

Road trip

It was my last week of vacation before I go back home. We spent a month together, literally everyday, and being apart was the last thing we wanted. She decided to bring me on a road trip one weekend. We took in a lot of sights, stopped wherever for meals, and only had a map and the handy GPS to keep us company. We spent a lot of hours in the car, talking, arguing when we got lost, laughing at some random stuff, just simply having fun. She booked us in a B&B for the night, and we just stayed in the whole time, with packed food for dinner. Being in a different place, just the 2 of us, really made a difference. We felt closer than ever, and definitely more intimate. In the morning we left before lunch, and once again navigated the road til we reached our destination. the sight was superb, and we made it right on time. Sharing the trip together was a beautiful way for us to bond and connect, and it just made us more confident of our relationship despite it being long distance.


Last summer (but could also be a spring date), I took my girlfriend to a nearby park. I found out they rent rowboats and you can row around the lake. It was a lot of fun and the ducks were fun to watch. Not only was it fun, but it was cheap-$7, then you receive $5 back when you return the boat and equipment! Plus, it was great to see how we worked together while I took one oar and she took the other. She often brings up how much fun it was and how much she enjoyed it. She'll ask me " Can we go back this summer?!" This summer I want to take her on a gondola ride in Central Park, NY.

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Lesbian Date Ideas

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