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Readers Respond: Butches, Do You Like to be Touched Sexually?

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So into my butch girlfriend

First off this is my first girlfriend, all my life I've dated guys (and I'm 20 years old). While I have made out with females before just for fun and as a result of intoxication, I had never identified myself as bi-curious even though deep down inside I knew that that was indeed the case. We met in an abnormal way. At the time I was involved with a guy andddd drum roll please.. I was the one who approached her. So she had automatically assumed that I was gay until we had swapped numbers and conversated... My babe is what I call the ultimate butch, she owns nothing feminine, and from afar she can easily be mistaken for a sexy ass dude... Her locks only adds to her already sex appeal... When we started dating she would pay for everything until I had convinced her that we were a couple. Now to our sex life... AMAZING I am able and she allows me to explore her body up and downstairs as it should be, because reguardless of how she looks on the outside she is still a female and has needs
—Guest shanda

Not For Me

I am a soft butch and I can't stand being touched sexually. I was married for 7 years and my wife resented me because I didn't want her touching me. I don't think people should have to be uncomfortable in order to please some else. Compromise yes. Compromise who you are? No.
—Guest No No No

Sometime i mean i am a woman

Ive been with my gf for a year nd i very happy with her yet i sometime Lyk to be touched by her Im the stud nd i love pleasing her but i really Dnt LYK it wen she touches me i Dnt feel comfortable wit her listening to me Yu know wat nd i mean its good but i rather not have it.
—Guest Emily

touch me all over

I feel if ur with a woman that you love u should trust her to explore your body. I'm a soft stud and my girl is a femme, my girl can do whatever the hell she wants to me she knows whatever she do ima do to her. Idk why most butch or studs don't like to be touched. Hell I'd even let my girl strap me if that's What she wants to do. At the end of the day its me and her were both females right.. it ain't like she gonna tell the whole world What we do in the bedroom.. even if she does which she had before I'd joke it off and be like yeah bae you put it DOWN which she does put it down as I said before were both females and she ain't going no where and I'm not neither btw ima add it ain't always the younger butches neither b/c I'm 20 my girl is 22 we've been happily together since I was 15
—Guest jayee

I rather give than receive

I've been with my girlfriend for 4 years, now fiancee. I wouldn't say I'm butch but I'm def the dominant one. I get pleasure out of pleasing her and making her sexually satisfied. Idk why I'm not that into her pleasing me back. She used to give me oral but then it just wasn't a big deal for me anymore. I just rather it be all about her. I'm happy with it and she seems happy too.
—Guest hill


I hate to be touched sexually. I have no idea why though. I have been engaged for 8 years now (would have been married if legal or had enough money to go where it is legal) to my first and only love and I am the butch. It turns me on to touch her and give her an orgasm but when she tries to do it back, I won't let her. I never get undressed though I get her naked. I love her completely but still I can't do it. She tied me down once and I freaked out. I don't understand why I do this when I can get myself off with her on the bed moaning in my ear or when thrusting into her but if she tries to get me off I push her away. I know I hurt her when I do but what can I do? Any advice out there?
—Guest Taj_atemu

I dont really like it.

I am the man in the relationship but i dress like a woman. Me and my girlfriend been together for 6 months now and out of all this time she only touched me twice. She did oral first and then she did it with a strap on.. But i didnt like it. It just doesnt feel right. I get pleasure by just pleasing her, I feel good after sex even though I wasnt touch. When she tries to touch me. I just touch her back and I basically take over and start kissing her and go down town. But she hasn't tried to touch me in a while. I guess she got the message. But NO i dont like being touch sexually by my girlfriend. I like to do all the touching and pleasing.
—Guest Virgo

its a no no

i dnt like to be touchd dwn thr.. At times i make lov to my gal wt my boxerz nd bra..i jst fil lyk an audi wth toyota parts.. M hapy js pleasn my gal
—Guest mino

i dont understand her..

Me and my girlfriend have been together a while and we began become sexual early in.our relationship. She is soft butch, but i had never been with some like her before, so the first time things began heating up, she had began touching me, and out of habit, since i myself, as a giver, began to rub her a little bit, and she hadnt pushed my hand away but she began working on me more forcefully to get me to stop, but now when i try, she tells me no. we havnt talked about it but i want to please her as much as she pleases me, but she insists on her doing all of the work, which really drives me crazy. Dont get me wrong, i still love being intimate with her but because she keeps to herself, i feel.. Uncomfortable with my body because she undresses me but she wont let me undress her, and ive only ever seen her body once when we had taken a shower. So since she'll take a shower with me, i dont understand why she wont let me touch her, and love her like she does me.
—Guest tinanicole

beginners touch

I've been with my lady for 5 yrs now and from the beginning of our relationship she knew that I was a soft stud I hate being called a butch for some reason.I love it when she touches me and goes down on me.she had never been with a woman before me and I felt proud to be her first and only.I feel if I key her explore my body it will the fire burning in our relationship...stud-taculor
—Guest mjay


I am a soft butch I guess. My girlfriend is a tom boy. I told her from the get go i am not a top and have no interest in being just a top. That being said I do love touching, going down, and using a strap-on, on her. At the same time I love having all the same things done to me. I hate the this idea people have that just cause butchs arent all girlie we dont want to be pleased WRONG!! We are still women and enjoy the sam things you do. I am fortunate that me and my girfreind took each others virginity 11 yrs ago and we have always been very sexual and very open about what we want from each other in our relatoinship and in bed. it is important to be clear about those types of things or some one could be hurt by neglectful actions of their partner.
—Guest softy

Do butch lesbians like to be touched

I'm 18 years old,i became a butch lesbian when i was 16 years....well i was a femme lesbian since i was 12 years but i wasnt confortable with beeng the "girly girl' thats why i changed to be a stone butch,i dont let my femme gf to touch me but i have feelings for other butch leabians....i think i'm confused please help me
—Guest Hope

butch girlfriend lets me be dominate

I'm a femme in a relationship with a butch woman and I'm totally satisfied because she lets me be the dominate one in bed. I love to give and receive and I'm thrilled she does as well. I guess I'm an aggressive femme that she seems to love!
—Guest lilly

Im Happy Giving.

Well to be honest im a butch..and i dont like being touched... I get joy from pleasing my woman... Im not sure if its cuz im a butch lesbian or maybe just maybe im just not comfortable with myself to let her touch me the way i do to her... But i do know plenty of butch lesbian that love being pleased. I guess im just not one. Happy givinv
—Guest jazzy_jeff

No vaginal insertion

My partner now is the first stud I have every been with. It was several months before we became intimate, but I was aware of the things she allowed to be done to her sexually. She will allow me too perform oral sex on her (my fav) but will NOT allow any type of vaginal penatration at all. This is not a problem for me. With studs I think since they are the ones in the manly role ( no offense) for them to be penatrated takes away from that role. But this is not a problem for me and it works for our communication. She keep the lines of communication open between you and your partner. You would be suprised of the many ways you can sexually satisfy each other.
—Guest Denise

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Butches, Do You Like to be Touched Sexually?

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