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Readers Respond: Butches, Do You Like to be Touched Sexually?

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not to speak for my butch but...

90per cent of the time, our love-making is no where near passive for either of us. It is more of a wild dance that moves across the room, spins us dizzy and sometimes winds us upside down! I can see that she is the 'top' in a sense, but I do not feel like a 'pillow princess'! Gasping, moaning, screaming if our surroundings permit, thrusting, grinding, licking, kissing, I am far from passive and she likes it that way. I love knowing that she is getting off on my (sometimes exagerated but never fake) responses to what she is doing to me. And then, if I'm lucky, she will guide my hand inside her and together we will ride her waves... in these times she need not feel vulnerable - she is a powerful queen. She could crush my bones within her if she wanted to! It is I who lay at her altar to sip at her overflow. It is I who falls asleep on 'top' (literally). And that other 10 per cent of the time, when it is quiet and one-sided, is what I call a wake-up call.... what a lovely way to wake up!
—Guest a busy femme

So sick of these selfish stud women

so sick of these women talking about they do not want to be touched. I am a lesbian femme and I have been out for about 20 years. These stud women out here always saying that they do not want to be touched or they do not want oral sex... it's crazy because I love women and I want to please, just as much as I want to be pleased. I think these women are selfish, and don't want to let someone else take control. I don't want to do anything crazy like penetrate her or anything like that but, I would like to smell her, taste her, touch her, I'm so sick of this, I'm really ready to start looking for femmes
—Guest guest ranebo4life


I love sexual stimulation from my woman I'll do any thing for her amazing cunnilings as nd hand jobs... I'm Butch sag my pants dreaded my hair tatted up have a slick deep voice and all but i love to be touched
—Guest studensky

a big yes

i have always been boyish - the way i think, act and the way i dress up. this is who i am. i always want to be with women, i enjoy flirting with them. i get crazy with their scent, with the way they dress up and with their attitude..i enjoy watching them do all their girly stuffs..ahh the little man inside me wants to get out and i can FEEL it. But its funny because I am a stone butch only with my one night affairs but with my partner, its a BIG YES! I want her to sexually touch me the way i like it, the way the little man in me wants it.

Cant touch this

Im quite butch, i prefer to give my partner pleasure than to recieve, i find that when im pleasing her im pleasing both of us :)
—Guest Poonani

moderate touching allowed......

I'm butch and i like to be touched but not too much. She can touch me sexually but not the way i touch her. There is a huge difference.
—Guest tj

My butch gf is a pillow princess

Yup. Ok let me clarify some.  She is very butch in appearance 90% of the time. I am more femme since I've been with her and she really likes me to wear dresses and makeup and heels.   The first few months it was all about tribadism with her top. Then she started asking me to top. Also at first she wouldn't allow any oral but after a couple months she let me do that & now she asks for that every time without fail. However she does not offer the same back & when she will occasionaly oblige me it's only for few seconds or a minute maximum. She loves having her whole body touched and rubbed, especially breasts. However she does not allow penetration (well only once). We don't use any toys which I'm okay with. I have to say I would like some oral every once in a while, and for more than just a few seconds! Oh yeah and the funny part? She totally loves bragging about how great she is in bed. Yup. Also interesting point: she keeps her pubic area trimmed but not shaved, however she insists tha
—Guest Butch Lover

Im a "Stone Butch"

But my femme is one who wants to give me pleasure also. But whenever she tries to, I just cant feel pleasure. When we rub against each other, however, I can reach climax. Im starting to upset my gf this way though. Because when I reach it I dont moan. Do I have to force myself to moan to please her?

I don't like being touch

I'm a butch and i'm not comfortable being touched. I just enjoy seing my partner happy everytime we have sex.sometimes we argued about my issue of not wanting to be touchEd but as time goes by she accepted it and i'm soo lucky having her unlike my past relationship.
—Guest No

Im very much a tomboy

I consider myself without a label.We are all people im a woman but i feel equal to my partner she is a tomboy also we both loved to be touched. I am more masculine most of the time she says im the time butch.I just laugh a label is a on a can. life is to short just laugh ride the rainbow and communicate with who you are with

dirty whore

I'v been a player ever since I 've been in the life, the reason I don't let women please me is the sense of me losing control. I don't like that so in order to remain invulnerable, I just tell them I don't like being pleased or I tell them I get off by just pleasing them, any butch that says that is full of bullcrap. The TRUTH is we don't want you FEMS having that much power over us. It's not right! Besides when you women have that much control over us, we're like your little lap dogs that you got all wrapped around your little finger. I've seen it played out too many times, and I refuse to be tamed!!! Why do you women feel the need to please us anyway? If you want something in your mouth sooo badly, do us a favor please....bite the pillow.
—Guest secretly....yes

Yeah I am pretty sure butches like it

Well I am a butch and well it was actually a bit akward at first when my gf touched me when being in bed but when she did she knew how to please me right, she knew how to touch she knows what I liked and how I liked it. It was he first having sex too and it was amazing and I liked to touch her as well.
—Guest Josey434

care and feeding of butches.

care and feeding of butches. i'm butch and i only date butches. some women are into role playing but i'm a devout lesbian feminist. i want to be loved. this not touching thing is some kind of trip some women like to go through. i don't play games. i don't have sex with someone if we don't like the same things, which i know before i engage with them sexually. it's really important to talk about sex. falling into bed with someone especially drunk sex is ill advised. anyway, i'm all about orgasms. i give and receive sexual pleasure. that's one of the reasons i'm there. being a lesbian is about freedom but it's so easy to get caught up in what you think you should be doing. who says. stop the games and get real. i find many modern lesbians all confused and misdirected. this is about loving women. love. not bed hopping and not experimentation. this is not a game. we deserve to give each other the best that we can. we create our world.. viva la dyke !
—Guest girlfriday

sex with your "butch" girlfriend

both of us are boyish , however i own heels and make up lol , while my partner attends my work functions in a suit . In bed however , i am the one who takes control , she loves this , as the assumption because she is not girly , is that she should be the dominant one in bed too. It gives her a break from "being in charge" , it gives us a sort of equality in what we bring to the relationship.
—Guest boxbiter

my relationship.

i've been with my girlfriend for about six months and we're very much in love. when it comes to our sex life. she loves to give instead of receiving. at first, i thought she just didn't want me to touch her, but when i asked her about it she told me that wasn't the case. we always end up play fighting and that turns both of us on. afterwards, she just wants to do her thing downstairs. she honestly doesn't want me to do anything. i can't say im completely opposed to the idea but i sometimes feel like im super lazy. that's the only downfall.
—Guest LoversLaneResidentt(:

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Butches, Do You Like to be Touched Sexually?

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