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Readers Respond: Butches, Do You Like to be Touched Sexually?

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care and feeding of butches.

care and feeding of butches. i'm butch and i only date butches. some women are into role playing but i'm a devout lesbian feminist. i want to be loved. this not touching thing is some kind of trip some women like to go through. i don't play games. i don't have sex with someone if we don't like the same things, which i know before i engage with them sexually. it's really important to talk about sex. falling into bed with someone especially drunk sex is ill advised. anyway, i'm all about orgasms. i give and receive sexual pleasure. that's one of the reasons i'm there. being a lesbian is about freedom but it's so easy to get caught up in what you think you should be doing. who says. stop the games and get real. i find many modern lesbians all confused and misdirected. this is about loving women. love. not bed hopping and not experimentation. this is not a game. we deserve to give each other the best that we can. we create our world.. viva la dyke !
—Guest girlfriday

sex with your "butch" girlfriend

both of us are boyish , however i own heels and make up lol , while my partner attends my work functions in a suit . In bed however , i am the one who takes control , she loves this , as the assumption because she is not girly , is that she should be the dominant one in bed too. It gives her a break from "being in charge" , it gives us a sort of equality in what we bring to the relationship.
—Guest boxbiter

my relationship.

i've been with my girlfriend for about six months and we're very much in love. when it comes to our sex life. she loves to give instead of receiving. at first, i thought she just didn't want me to touch her, but when i asked her about it she told me that wasn't the case. we always end up play fighting and that turns both of us on. afterwards, she just wants to do her thing downstairs. she honestly doesn't want me to do anything. i can't say im completely opposed to the idea but i sometimes feel like im super lazy. that's the only downfall.
—Guest LoversLaneResidentt(:

I don't enjoy being touched sexually

I for one do not enjoy being touched sexually in my breasts or vagina. I have no pleasure from it. I have had women that have tried but I have to say honestly it causes discomfort for me in more ways than one. Partners I have had excepted this until lately. I have a woman that is a phsycologist and she insists on trying to change me. I can see this relationship heading for disaster. She compensates by saying she is trying to get to know me or that she is teasing. Not helpful. Please ladies if you meet someone like me, don't try and change us. Just leave!
—Guest ButchCassidy

soft butch

i am just me. i don't like stereotypes or labels but when i am intimate with a partner i love to be touched everywhere. if there is tension then the intimacy is ruined.
—Guest vinnigirl

Do Butch Lesbians Like to be Touched

I don't think its that Us, Butch Lesbians don't like to be touched.....I think we're more Paticular about who We allow to touch Us. Lol.....that's my truth!!
—Guest Tish Love

Butches should touch and Be touched. :)

I am a girl who loves other girls. I'm femme and my girlfriend is a soft butch. She's much experienced about sex and she's the one who actually made my fantasies materialized. However, I also longed to touch another girl. But I love receiving too. Our first few time together, she was the one touching me all over. She tells me to do stuff, and i follow her which gives us both pleasure. Lately, i've also wanted to touch and explore her body. Please her as she pleases me. However, she didn't liked that. But, when she realized I really wanted it, she allows me but makes it a little bit difficult for me. but still, i get to touch and lick her too. When I start to turn her on so much, she then grabs me and we do 69. Give and take would definitely be a great turn on for any lesbian partners.
—Guest guest chaps

butches like to be touched sexually

I'm a femme lesbian my gf is soft butch she is awesome she touches me in ways and makes me feel like no one has ever made me feel she is my first lesbian r/s She lets me touch her and enjoys it of course I'm still learning lol but she helps me she freaks out cuz I like penetration & thinks its cuz I miss bein with a man since I left a 15 yr marriage & a 8 yr r/s with a man for her I do have a hard time having orgasm always have never had one thru oral sex except with her so that tells u how amazing she is
—Guest femme

I luv making luv to my femme wife

I love it when she carreses my breasts, explores my body, and gives it to me hard. I love her freaking sexy, gorgeous body's touch.
—Guest Mook

My (kinda?) Butch Girl

My girlfriend and I have been together for quite a while and we are both very much in love. I'm obnoxiously femme. Heels, dresses, skirts, makeup, long hair, and the works. However, my girlfriend usually wears jeans and tshirts with a sweatshirt. No makeup, but she does have longish hair. It's a skater-boyish cut though. So I would consider her a soft butch. She considers herself the guy in our relationship. As far as sex goes, i'm usually agressive, but she loves it. Sometimes she has her moments too, and she will straddle me and tease me ect. At first, she had some reserves about me seeing her feminine parts, but like everyone here is saying, it takes alot of trust and honest for a relationship, and she everntually became very comfortable with me touching her in every way. What we have is amazing, and I think thgat most women enjoy being toughed, and if they say they don't, I think it is a personal issue. But be truthful and loving with your girl, and nothing will be better than that
—Guest Doll Face

I love to be touched by my gf

Oh yeah it makes me s o sexually attracted to my hot gf
—Guest Mock

I don't mind being touched

Well I would say that I am a soft stud. I definitely dress boyish and I enjoy femminine looking women. The woman that I am with now is absolutely gorgeous :). I would have to say that I definitely like being touched but it takes time for me to trust someone and allow them to do that to me. I know that I am attractive but I am self- concious about certain parts of my body. Fortunately for me my gf has no problem with my body and finds me attractive. I usually like to be a giver and it does turn me on but there is nothing like being touched by someone you care about deeply. So I definitely like to receive as much as I give. Plus I think its healthy for my relationship.

I'm hardcore butch and love it all

I'm extremely butch and love being touched in every way. I also love touching my gf (who is much more girlly) in every way. Pleasing her is so enjoyable emotionally and extremely hot and when she pleases me i go nuts. I can sometimes be uncomfortable with my body though and we simply resolve the issue i guess you might say by sorta role playing as if i was male. I'm not really into having my breasts touch and can feel very awkward with them most the time but love attention in the southern region lol...and thankfully she loves being touched everywhere lol.
—Guest RLS

i wanna know wht 2 do.

Ok so I like butch girls. They just make me all wet. I normally just fool with fem"s just because I dnt have 2 guess. But this 1 girl I really like and she wants me but I dnt wannna do the wrong thing when we have sex. Any ideas.
—Guest nu nu


I'm a femme and my partner isnt really a butch . Or she is just not girly and dresses boyish . She still has her soft side . But she thinks that she is the boy in our r/s . I've been with her for 6months ? I think that butches are still ok with touching about . But my girlf doesnt like it in public . During a camp at night , she turned me on and we had a great time touching each other . But she is rather sensitive when i touch her back .

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