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Readers Respond: Butches, Do You Like to be Touched Sexually?

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touch with purpose, yes

Of course I love to be touched and not exactly light, I like it rough but with a goal, to satisfy my desire. If not, better untouched. The same for licking, stroking, etc. I am more like a soft butch, looking tough but in a sexy way.

Touchy Feely Butches

I suppose being Aussie makes me more confident than most, I don't know, but I loved to be touched and kissed and even though I need to be on top and dominant, my lover also likes to top occassionally. I insist that she comes first and am not able to relax enough if she doesn't come to be able to enjoy coming myself but that's just me. Not using any toys also helps you become more connected as a couple and much more inventive, finding ways to use your body to please your partner can lead to some hysterical moments and breaks any tension that you both might have. Love-making to your partner should be enjoyable romp for two, not a one-sided orgasm for the femme, so butches, get out there, in there and ENJOY!!! life's too bloody short!

Does a Butch want to be touched?

I am Stone Butch....came out as a lesbian at age 13 with My first femme...I have been in love with femmes ever since and am ALWAYS the Giver/Pleaser... I do enjoy a woman's hands on My Chest (not breasts), hands, back, arms and oh yeahhh, My Abdomen, but do NOT ever want to be touched in a "feminine" way...I do Pack and Strap and OMG yes she can touch Me in a "Masculine" kinda way alllll night long...So, call Me Stone...Call Me different but for Me, its all about pleasing My femme....CowBoi
—Guest DurangoButch

..oh, so much more...

Not done responding... to 'hockeybutch'-->THANK YOU, finally! a response that makes sense, love it! to 'guest-alexis'--> the brain is totally 90% sexual gratification as far as i'm concerned, i dig you're statements. to 'guest-medium femme--> i would have completely related to you 15 years ago, being an incest-survivor/abused however, for me (the eternal optimist) I had to begin living LIFE and have never looked back. to 'guest-futch~butch'-->uhmm, hi have you checked out the wealth of advice and information on THIS SITE, hello?! .............................peace to one and all!

...My (opinionated) response...

Fascinating topic, so so much to say.First, my take: The labels are undoubtedly annoying to me, and even while most of us are in agreement, there are more and more popping up on the daily! But of course i will partake...I consider my appearance femm-ey. I love to wear lipstick but rarely any other make-up and i'm not so much into dresses, sometimes heels; I have a short fauxhawk-type haircut but have very feminine features. I Have no idea what my "label" would be classified into? As far as sex, i self-proclaim my"TOP-Happy"tendencies with almost all previous g/f's...things that make one go Hmmmmm? My current g/f however, outwardly appears "butch-ey"; always jeans/t-shirt/sweatshirt/tennis shoes, never make-up (accept occasional mascara), and real short "boyish" hair. Her past sex life has been "femme-in-sheets" and very little spice. We love each other. We have amazing sex, nothing is off limits. We communicate and understand one another. Every relationship should be so lucky!

A Butch Who Loves to be Touched

There is nothing this butch loves more than being touched and often. I don't just mean sexually either. I love it when the woman I am with touches me when she walks by me or when we're just standing side by side. These touches convey warmth, love and depending on the touch the beginning of foreplay which may last all day depending on how much restraint we can exercise.

I like to be touched.

I'm a butch, and I find it very sensual and exciting when my girlfriend touches me. I still like touching more than being touched, but still, it's good.
—Guest Lorelai

all good

I may be what they call a butch but i am all woman and want to be loved. Touch me!
—Guest n

Everyone is different...

... and I hate labels and being shoved into a box simply so that everyone else is satisfied that all is in order! I can't call myself butch, more of a boi (if that is possible at my advanced age!). Over the years, I have much enjoyed being touched, but I know that I have always held something of me back. Protection? I don't know. A g/f I loved very much said once "you still hold back". I denied it, but she said "one day you will meet someone who really makes the difference" And I did. She was married and, to all intents and purposes, straight. I thought I had better take it easy when we first went to bed. I needn't have worried: proverbial duck to water, and she just loves it! And as I have always been somewhat in control in bed, she stunned the hell out of me by completely taking over and refusing to let me move, THAT was when I gave it all up. To her. And I'm so glad that she gets that something I wasn'r really aware I was hiding.


I have be in a realationship with a butch. She does like to be touched sexually but defineately not in public.
—Guest BiBabe101

i lean to stone...a lot.

For over 20yrs I considered myself butch, only to recently to out myself as stone. I don't necessarily prefer a butch or femme partner, however I am entirely about taking care of my partner's needs first. There are some forms of touch I do not always welcome. There are things I will do for my partner that maybe I will pass on entirely or just rarely allow for myself. Not sure if these are trust issues or if I simply prefer you use your hands to hold on for the ride. However, I do clarify beforehand the few things I prefer not be done, or when not to do them. I believe my partner deserves to know what to expect. This also puts both of us more at ease and I will be more likely to allow my partner to push my boundaries. And again, it's not that I don't like being touched. I love it in fact. But part of understanding your stone partner is realizing that our greatest pleasure often comes from self-denial as we focus solely on you.

Just sayin

I think it's all about love. When my butch girlfriend and I first got together, she was my first experiece with women. I wasn't sure how to act or what to do. In the past, it had been more about her pleasing others instead of letting herself go to be the one getting pleasure. It took me awhile but we have been together for three years this month and now, it's all about give and take. We love each other enough to trust the other person to not put the other person in a situation that they would be uncomfortable in. It makes me feel special to know that she and I have done things that she has never done with anyone else and that says alot about our relationship. I think everyone is different. I have known butch women that were friends that just didn't like to be touched at all. It was like a reminder to them that although their head says one thing about how they see themselves, being touched reminded them of how their bodies were in reality

do you like pleasure

I'm not the butch one in my relationship but my girl is. She lets me touch her but she doesn't let me go inside of her. She has let other partners do it, but for some reason she won't let me. It's very frustrating. The only way that I'm allowed to get her off is by going down on her and sometimes that just isn't enough for me. She is my first girlfriend I have ever had and the sex is amazing but I want to be able to explore her to ya know. It's just very frustrating knowing that I can't do the things that I want to do. I love her and she loves me so I don't see what the problem is.
—Guest heather


My butch gf is more of a giver...she reaches orgasm very quickly...but I love that touching me turns her on and I love touching her when she's right at the edge.. She amazes me more every time we sleep together... ah, what it is to be in love with a tall, funny, sexy butch :D
—Guest LovesAGirlInASuit

Me personally...

I am butch. I like to be touched if I really know her, if she really loves me, if I really love her. But after getting to know her and knowing it’s going to be real and not a weekend fun house, yes I enjoy the pleasure.
—Guest Brandy

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