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Readers Respond: Songs for Lesbian Weddings

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From the article: Top Lesbian Wedding Songs
What song would you play (or did you play) at your lesbian wedding?

My lesbian wedding song...

I will have our first dance to "Endless Love" by Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross. However, I really like a few lines from Anita Baker's "Giving You The Best That I Got" She says"I'll tell you now. I made a vow. I'm giving you the best that I got... I'll bet everything on my wedding ring. I'll be giving you the best that I got."

Two recommendations...

Two songs immediately come to mind when I envision my future wedding (however far down the line it may be)--Tracy Chapman's "The Promise" and Linda Ronstadt/Aaron Neville's "All My Life" (absolutely love that one!).
—Guest LT

Keisha coles- This is Us

it the best song for lesbian women....listen to it....
—Guest Karma


We chose Anywhere by Evanescence for our first song. We both absolutely LOVE Amy Lee and the lyrics of the song are perfect. "We'll be halfway to anywhere, where love is more than just your name"... so perfect.
—Guest April Vicki


"...There are six billion people in the world, more or less, and it makes me feel quite small, but you're the one I love the most of all..."

iz over the rainbow

This song since it will be a rainbow wedding theme my sister told me to look at this song
—Guest Her girl

"Feels Like Home"

We walked in to the classic, Unchained Melody, played on the guitar, no vocals by a friend. During the ceremony I surprised my bride by singing to her "Feels Like Home." We danced out to "You Got It." Everyone loved our wedding...but not more than we did.
—Guest Tari

Won't Let Go by Rascal Flatts

I heard this song on a local country station that I would not normally listen too. Immeadiatly after hearing tuis song, I knew it was the right one. My girl friend and I were having a difficult time finding the right song. sA WE ARE BOTH in our late forties and I have been married before. We are planning an August 14,2011 wedding. We are very exited to be able to legally wed, even though at the end of the day we are still the same people. so when I heard Wont't Let Go by rascal flatts the words came through so perfectly for us and meant exactly what our relationship has met to us.
—Guest Laurie

Our songs

My fiancee and I plan to walk into the venue (a lighthouse) to Marry me- Amanda marshall, sign the register t0 Will young- evergreen, and walk out to pink - love song. The first dance song is something we are still trying to pick, thinking Keely clarkson - a moment like this, or sugababes - so lost in you. Other ideas for first dance song are Alicia Keys - thats how strong my love is, Marc cohn - true companion or there is one on youtube under lesbian love song called she..
—Guest janie

true love

True Love by White Mice, Jah Jah gave me true love no need to search no more. One of the songs I would like to be played at my wedding.
—Guest panther

Our song

We're planning our wedding for Dec. 2012, and our song is "I'd Love to Be Your Last" by Gretchen Wilson. It is so perfect, it seems like it was written for us :)
—Guest Kerri Vicky

God Blessed Our Love By Al Green

That was down the aisle, then we had two by Aaron Neville during the ceremony, we made our own list for the Dj to follow and provided the tunes.
—Guest Vicky Esperanza


We walked down the aisle to Alicia keys, Wait til you see my smile.. Back down the aisle to The Cure, Mint Car.. Our first dance started with Isnt she lovely, Stevie Wonder.. And rolled into Kiss, by prince.. Push it, by s-n-p.. And Poision.. Bell Biv Devoe ..
—Guest Nicole

Sudden Light

My partner and I are planning to have lots of our musician friends play at our upcoming nuptials. We'll have "Sudden Light" a setting of a Dante Gabriel Rossetti poem for soprano and cello. Music by me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMPXaw9kYKA
—Guest Sally Whitwell

Wedding Songs

My wife and I got married almost two months ago and we walked down the aisle to "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. Our first dance was to "Under My Skin" by Gin Wigmore (an up and coming New Zealand artist) and we also commissioned a song by Amy Wadge (a brilliant Welsh artist) which we played as we signed the civil union documents.
—Guest Amelia

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