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The Single Lesbian's Guide to Summer

Girl on a Bike

Celebrate being single this summer. You don't need to have a girlfriend to have fun! 

More for the Single Gal
Lesbian Life Spotlight10

Are Lesbians Socially Immature?

Are lesbians socially immature, afraid of their own sexuality. This opinion piece suggests so.

Conscious Uncoupling

How to break up with respect and compassion--conscious uncoupling.

Women's Weekend 2.0 in 2014

Women's Week 2.0 a lesbian festival in the Russian River, Fall 2014.

People Think I am Trans and I am Not!

People think she's trans? Is that a bad thing? What can someone do if people make assumptions about your gender identity or sexual orientation.

Why you’re not Meeting Quality Women

Single lesbians- why are you not meeting quality women? 6 reasons why you're not meeting quality women to date.

ENDA Loses Support from LGBT Organizations

Why would Gay Groups Oppose the Non-Discrimination Bill? Why many national LGBT organizations are against the ENDA bill in 2014.

Where to Meet Lesbians in 2014

Where are the best places to meet lesbians in 2014. Lesbian bars are becoming a thing of the past. So where does a modern woman meet other lesbians for dating and friendship in this new world?

Can a Stud Date a Stud?

Is it wrong for two studs or two butches to date one another? Can butches date one another? Can a stud date another stud?

Up All Night with Jamie Anderson

Lesbian troubadour Jamie Anderson tells about her 27 years on the road as a touring musician in this Lesbian Life interview.

Oregon the 18th State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Oregon became the 18th state in the United States to legalize same-sex marriage.

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