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Lesbian Travels

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Lesbian Travels
Kathy Belge
When I travel, I like to check out the local lesbian hot spots. When I'm in a new town on business or vacation, I always try to find a local lesbian bar, coffee shop or community center, where I can meet some local women and find out what's happening in that town. Where can you find the most up-to-date information about lesbian travels? From your fellow About Guides, of course!

Austin, TX has a great music scene and a great lesbian community.

Atlanta, GA is a very gay-friendly city.

Baltimore, MD has a LGBT running club and more!

Boston, MA has all kinds of resources for GLBT travelers from bookstores and bars to gay and lesbian worship groups.

Brooklyn has extensive offerings for the gay, lesbian and bisexual communities including bar and nightlife, community programs, and support groups and organizations.

Chicago: Host of the Gay Games 2006.

Cleveland, OH. I used to live in Cleveland and there's lots for dykes to do.

Columbus, OH has one of the largest lesbian populations in the United States.

Detroit, MI Motown has it going on for the GLBT crowd!

Houston, TX They say there's two things in Texas: steers and queers. You can decide who you'd rather spend time with.

Kansas City, MO. Who knew Kansas City had this much going on for the lesbian and gay community?!

Las Vegas, NV. Be sure to check out Girlbar at Krave every Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Los Angeles is home to the world famous Girlbar.

Little Rock, AR. Find out about Arkansas Lesbians--it's a social group.

Miami, FL. Will Smith loves Miami. So do the lesbians.

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Minneapolis is one the the most gay-friendly cities in the U.S.

Nashville, TN. Find some country music loving lesbians in Nashville. Be sure to bring your cowgirl hat!

Manhattan. There's plenty for a girl to do in the Big City.

Milwaukee's Walker's Point area contains the highest concentration of gay bars in the area.

Orlando, FL. There's more to Orlando's gay and lesbian scene than Gay Days at Disney!

Phoenix, AZ is hot. So are the ladies!

Pittsburgh, PA may seem like a boy's paradise on Queer as Folk, but there's plenty for lesbians too.

Portland, ME is a beautiful city with plenty for the GLBT community.

Portland, OR. Find out about Portland Oregon for lesbians with an article written by yours truly.

Queens, NY. Queens is not just for queens. Dykes love it too!

Salt Lake City, UT. Yes, this hotbed of Mormonism has a very large lesbian population.

San Diego,CA has cute surfer girls and one of the oldest lesbian bars in the nation.

San Francisco, CA is THE gay and lesbian capitol of the United States.

Seattle, WA has lots of rain, lots of lakes and lots of ladies.

St. Louis, MO has various bars and restaurants that cater to the gay and lesbian community.

Tampa, FL Information on gay and lesbian bars, issues, groups combating prejudice and discrimination, and rights for people with gay lesbian and bisexual orientations.

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