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Lesbians and Sex Toys

If you're looking for information about sex toys including vibrators, dildos, harnesses and more, this is your source of information about lesbian sex toys.

Lube for Lesbians - The Best Lubricants for Lesbian Sex
Ever wonder what is the best lube for certain sexual situations? We had a sexuality expert help us figure out what are the best lubes for lesbian sex, whether you're having oral, anal, manual or using sex toys.

Will Using a Dildo Make her Want Men?
One lesbian is worried that her partner will cheat on her with a man if they introduce a dildo into their sex lives.

Pack a Dildo Under your Clothes
How do you go about packing, or wearing a dildo under your clothes to use for sex later. What are the steps of packing and how do you do about it?

Lesbian Strap on Question - Double Penetration
I have a fantasy I am curious to try. Is it possible to strap on a dildo and be on top of a woman who also has a dildo? Can both perform with the dildos in each other’s vaginas?

How to Buy a Dildo or Strap-On
If you want to use a dildo and do not know where to start, this how-to article will help you pick out the right size and material for you and your sexual partner.

Use a Dildo for Strap-on Sex
Lesbians who want to experiment with sex toys often like to try dildos. Here are some tips for using a dildo for strap-on sex for lesbians.

Strap On Question
When you use a dildo or strap-on protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS. Here's how.

Lesbian Sex Question: How do I use a dildo?
Felice Newman, author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book answers another lesbian sex question, this one is, "How do I use a dildo or strap-on?"

Jealous of My Girlfriend's Vibrator
Her girlfriend can only come with the assistance of a vibrator and she is not happy about this. Can their relationship be saved?

Five Good Reasons for Lesbians to Use Sex Toys
"We don't need sex toys," you might say. "Our sex life is great without them." If this is you, I'm not here t

How to Buy a Vibrator
What to look for when buying a vibrator.

How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Partner
If you're curious about sex toys and want to bring them into your bedroom, how do you bring that topic up with your partner? Or maybe you've got a toy you want to introduce her to, but are not sure how to do it or how she'll react. Here are some tips for bringing sex toy into your sex life.

What will she feel when she wears a dildo?
What will she feel when she wears a dildo? What does the penetrating partner feel during strap-on sex? Does she receive any pleasure?

What is a Clit Pump?
What is a clit pump and how is it used?

Lesbian is Afraid of Sex with Sex Toys
A young lesbian wants to better understand her fear of vaginal penetration and what she can do to overcome her fear.

Homemade Sex Toys for Lesbians
Don't have a lot of cash to buy expensive sex toys? Here are a few ideas for those who want to make their own homemade sex toys.

All About Harnesses
What to look for when purchasing a harness for sex with a dildo.

Traveling with Sex Toys
Traveling with sex toys- how to take your toys with you on vacation.

My Vibrator Story
Do you have a vibrator story? Guest writer Mary Gorham Malia shares her vibrator story with us.

Grocery Store Vibrators
Women's sexual pleasure is coming out of the closet, so why not put vibrators in the grocery store next to the condoms?

A Guide to Visiting a Sex Toy Store for Lesbians
A guide to visiting a sex-toy store for lesbian and bisexual women.

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