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Gina Daggett Talks Filmmaking


Jukebox by Gina Daggett

Jukebox by Gina Daggett

Bella Books

Lesbian Life: Are you really going to make a movie based on Jukebox?

Gina Daggett: One hundred percent yes. I've already adapted the fiction manuscript into a screenplay. I received a generous grant from Power Up when Jukebox was a work-in-progress (Filmmaker Fund, 2004) and then got some insightful studio coverage from them last year with notes on the adaptation. I'm working on my rewrite now and hope to have a polished second draft soon. Also, I finished my first short film last year, which was really like filmmaking bootcamp. It was a short film called Til Death Do Us Toby and it was funded by OUTtv (through a contest called Hot Pink Shorts). OUTtv also made an entertaining documentary out of the process-The Making of Til Death Do Us Toby (airing on OUTtv in Canada).

What are you working on now?

For the next two months, I'll be working on location for my friend's feature film (he co-wrote it and is co-directing). I'm a part of the production team and it'll be "Round 2" of my filmmaking bootcamp. When I'm not on set, I'll continue developing Jukebox (the film), exploring options of a sequel to Jukebox (the novel) and also continue working on a cooking show I've created (we already shot a pilot). I've also started a collection of humorous essays that I work on from time to time. Oh yeah, and I'll keep on having fun dishing advice with Dipstick in Curve Magazine.
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